Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Currently loving #1

Hey, I know it's been a long time blogging, it's literally been on my mind for weeks to get round to do my list of posts of what I want to tell you/show you. Every List in my room (that's a lot of lists) have about ten reminders each to get blogging.

One of my favourite bloggers, Kate from ghostparties - if you haven't heard of her then where have you been? She does a Currently Loving post every couple of weeks and I thoroughly enjoy reading them. They give you a little insight into what she has been up to and also obviously what she is loving at the moment, I will probably mumble on alot more than Kate does though! Check out her latest currently loving post.

From the 1980s version, Prisoner: Cell Block H series, they have remade a contemporary version called Wenworth Prision, an Australian drama. This now airs on Channel 5 in the UK on Wednesdays at 10pm, and it's amazing! This week will be the 10th episode but I totally recommend catching up, it's just so dramatic. Remember Bad Girls? It's kinda like that, but the Australian version. There is one woman, Jacs, who is just so cruel and tries to run the place but there is a new gal in the compound (the main character), Bea, who tries to innocently stand up to Jacs and put her in her place and ITS JUST SO GOOD. On the edge of your seat and eye locking good. Be warned - in one of the episodes there is a fair amount of lesbian action in. This is the episode that me, Tori and Sonia showed the other girls and they then questioned why we were bigging it up so much haha. So I definitely say you need to watch it from the begining, to know the whole story and you get to slowly understand why all the women are in there.

Last Monday, I had probably one the best nights out of my life. The whole night just went in our favour. I work at the O2 academy and my work friend, Lauren won guest list tickets to a gig of her choice. Because she cannot make the City and Colour gig, she decided to see Bastille and take me as her +1 on Monday, lucky me!! 
We got to skip the queue and 2 free drinks each, perks of a great job! 
To be honest we wasn't crazy excited to see them because we're not huge fans, but that changed throughout the night. The gig was amazing, Dan (lead singer)'s voice is exactly how it sounds on the recordings and the whole band is beautiful. Dan came out in the crowd for one song, he walked straight past us and I kissed him. Smack. Bang. On the cheek. You could tell he didn't want one but I was already kissing his sweaty, stubbly face to care. Lauren fell in love with the first support act Dan Croll, he is a real cutie with a great voice, we managed to spot him walking past the box office after the gig and got a cheeky picture with him. Swiss Lips, the second support, was also really good, thoroughly enjoy listening to them - I love finding a good new band! We also managed to get a picture with the lead singer at the end, he kinda of chin molested Lauren in one photo, bit weird... 
We had a couple of drinks in Baa Bars after the gig and then left about 12 and Dan - Bastille's singer, was just outside O2 meeting people, so we stood in line had a 'cool and collected' conversation with him, unlike the lass before us that just sounded extremely obessed and creepy. We also got a picture each (apologies for the bad camera quality, my phone died but luckily Lauren's hadnt), he also signed our tops we bought! I woke up the next morning after a drunken night out in Leeds with maccies happy meal stickers on my forehead and in my signed Bastille top. Fab.

I visted Blackpool last weekend for a not so crazy weekend away with the fam. Totally random, I just got a call one day tell me we were going to Blackpool and staying over for a night. The train is just under 3 hours from Leeds which is ridiculously long, when I got there our b&b was full of partying Geordies - they bought me a Cider, cuties, I even got invited out. Instead we spent our time getting caught in a storm, walking around bpool in kids size Sealife ponchos, eating Pizza express, walking up and down the promenade and waiting an hour for the tram to see the illuminations, then having an hour journey on the roofless tram (it was so cold) looking at the illuminations. It was a really lovely evening! On the Sunday we went to the Pleasure Beach. I went on all the big rides, like a big gurl. The Pepsi max and the Tabagons were definitely my favourites, we only went on them once though :( how cute is this picture of me and my brother, Jack on the Tabagons, mum bought it for me as a present to remind me of home while I'm at uni, the softie! 
The main goss of the day: we saw Angelica Bell from the One Show (she used to be a CBBC presenter) and BBC filmed us going onto the ghost train, and our thoughts after. Watch the One Show on 31st- Halloween to potentially see us ;) I'm so not looking forward to it!

I'm loving work at the moment, I have two brilliant jobs which is better than what I would have said last year when I worked at Subway. Warning: never ever work at subway. I've worked so much this past week, I'm excited to be home for a couple of nights to recuperate. I've been able to see Blue, Rudimental, Sub Focus, Cirque Du Solei and served a load of freshers these past couple weeks and it's been great because I enjoy my jobs and the people I work with. You should never do a job you hate, which I learnt last year.