Thursday, 30 May 2013

I went to London and didn't buy a heat magazine

Hello lovelies,
Last week me and Tori held our first tea party (hopefully one of many to come) for Danielle's birthday and it was absolutely fabulous! I won't go into too much detail as we have a separate post to come when we have all the tea party pictures from Hayls!  
Hopefully that post will be up in the next couple of days, anyway, more onto London! Yay, so exams are finally finished! Even though I'm not very confident how they went, thankfully they are over for now and my skin can totally tell that I'm no longer stressed. 
Luckily David bought tickets to see Muse in at the Emirates Stadium the weekend after my exams and we had such a brilliant time, a great way to de-stress... Well sort of. We stayed at the Tower Bridge Travelodge for 2 nights and had 3ish days in London. Be warned this is a heavily photobased post!

Saturday 25th May 
We got the megabus from Leeds to London which took a grand total of 4 and a half hours, so literally took all of the day up. When we finally got to London we hopped on the tube to our accommodation, dropped our bags off and then had a lovely summers evening stroll down the Thames. 
We ended up at the Tate Museum after a very long and painful walk, I stupidly didn't think that we'd be walking for 3 hours so put on my pumps which just killed my feet. By the time we'd left the Tate Museum it was nearly 10 o'clock and we'd not eaten. So decided to go across the Millenium Bridge as quickly as possible (David is petrified of heights which was hilarious) but then we couldn't find an open restaurant other than Pizza Express, which we aren't fond of. On hindsight, we probably should have stopped off there but we ended up back at the Travelodge eating Chicago Town for £9 a piece! £9!! But by that time we'd given up and was accepting any food we could find.
 Squinty picture on the tower bridge
 View from the Tate Museum

Sunday 26th May
We got up nice and early in the morning, took full advantage of the all you can eat breakfast, well David definitely did. We then had a lovely sunny morning walk to the Design Museum and then hopped on the tube to Camden Town and spent the sunny afternoon there. I love Camden, the busy market stalls and all the vintage shops, it's like heaven. I also made some really cool purchases there; a Wooden iPhone Case and a very cute Bunny top.
 Louis Vuitton
A very retro calculator
David didn't want a picture with his juice :(
 Curisoity got the better of us, and this felt so strange!
 Had to resist buying these :(

From Camden it was a mad rush to get back to the Travelodge to get ready and then we hopped back on the tube to get to the Emirates Stadium to see MuseDizzee Rascal and The 1975.
The Emirates is a HUGE open stadium, even though we had Executive Box tickets (very poshhhhh of us, well just a happy accident really) we stupidly didn't bring a coat, however luckily and stragely we didn't get too cold throughout the performance.
The 1975 were the first act to go on, I saw them about a year ago at Leeds Cockpit supporting Little Comets and have been in love with them ever since, especially the yummy lead singer. I'm so happy that they are finally making their way to the top and their music is being heard and appreciated. Going from the Cockpit to the Emirates Stadium is just amazing, they played a really good set and throughly enjoyed watching them again, hopefully it won't be the last time either. They have an album coming out in September which is agesss away, so in the mean time check out their newly released songs, Chocolate and The City which I just can't help but sing and jig (yes, jig) along to.
Dizzee Rascal came on next, which was a very odd choice of support act. I personally do like Dizzee and I do listen to his music however I don't think that the majority of Muse's fan would appreciate him, he is also rumoured to support The Stone Roses.... However he did a great job of pumping the crowd up ready for Muse to come on. I did really enjoy his performance and there was a time when I really wanted to see him a couple of years ago, I just wish I had the same hype for him then when I finally got to see him.

Then, Muse finally came on, and well they were just as amazing as the last time I saw them. When they came on stage, there was fire explosions (which temporaily helped warm us up, hehe) and there was just an amazing atmosphere in the whole stadium. It was also really nice to see the sun go down over the Emirates and see the change/difference of the show in the sun and then in the dark. Muse had such good production for this tour, a 30ft robot, a huge lightbulb with a hanging acrobat underneath and onstage actors for 2 songs, which made the whole performance feel that little bit more special, well it was the Emirates Stadium after all. It was just incrediable, I have a couple of videos on our Youtube Channel too if you want to check them out.

Monday 27th May
What better way to spend the sunny bank holiday than shopping in Oxford and Regent Street?
We were naughty Monday morning as we got up early for breakfast to have a full day out shopping and museum hunting, but instead after breakfast we had a 30min, 1hr, 2 hr nap because we were so shattered and just spent the afternoon shopping instead. Which worked out well as we now have another reason to go back soon!
After we napped and packed, we dropped our luggage off in Victoria Station. Luckily they have a luggage drop off place so we didn't have to carry everything around with us all day. From there we went straight to Oxford Street to meet Danielle, and headed straight for Topshop. Danielle doesn't stop going on about it when we're in Leeds, constantly telling us how amazing it is... and wow, how she was right. It's HUGEMONGOUS, they even have a cupcake and frozen yoghurt counter inside the shop it's that big. I used my 'let's go crazy' excuse to treat myself to a new lipstick and some sunglasses, which i'm very glad I purchased, even though the sun has cleared off.
We then checked out the HENCH Urban Outfitters next door, I had to leave because I just couldn't hack that I couldn't buy anything from there. We also went to Hamleys... Only the best place, ever. They even had a Hello Kitty section on at the time, must of known I was coming. Then on the way to the Lego section we managed to bump into THE LEAD SINGER OF MUSE, MATT BELLAMY!!!!! Oh god, me and David freaked out so much, Danielle didn't really know what was going on at first and then we followed him down the escaltors and he said Hello to me because I was grinning at him like a cheshire cat. We decided against saying anything to him 1) he was with his family and we didn't want to make a scene 2) we were shaking and freaking out too much, however now we really wished we'd just said our appreciation of the gig the night before.
After Hamleys we went for food at Garfunkel's which did look really nice, however it wasn't the best place we'd been to, Danielle and David weren't that happy with their meals and mine was average. So I don't really rate it at all.
Danielle then left us, me and David did a bit more shopping and browsing and then headed for the coach for a 4 hours coach journey home. Which turned out surprisely pleasant with 2 seats each and a table for whole journey, what a comfy end to a fabby weekend away!

My purchases of the weekend:
Shade 'Rio Rio' £8
Topshop Sunglasses £16 (£14.40 with student discount)
£20 T-shirt from Camden Market
Bartered down to £14 from Camden Market

What you think of my purchases? Do you know any good places to visit in London? Have you seen Muse, Dizzee or The 1975 play before?

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