Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Who runs the world? Beyoncé does.

First of all, apologies for the lack of blogging and this very late post, both of us have exams and assignments coming up in the next 2 weeks, yikes... so revision is in full swing at the moment.

Tuesday of last week we took a train to manchester and witnessed not only one of the most famous, respected and richest women in world, we saw one of our idols, that is, Mrs Carter.
And oh boy, she did not disappoint! While sat in the Harvester, it didn't quite hit us that we were about to see Beyoncé in the flesh and be in the same room as her. When she popped up (literally) onto the stage, I started shaking, both me and Tori nearly cried and it was just so overwhelming! Which we wasn't expecting at all. (be prepared lots of bad quality pictures)
 Romantic meal at the Harvester
 Charlotte had the Bacon and Cheese Burger with BBQ sauce
 Tori had the King Prawns and Salmon (very healthy)
 The merchandise was so expense (obviously)
 Fashion Faux Pas by the girl in front
 Luke James was the supporting act, he dazzled the stage with his looks and cheeky charm by giving out roses and singing to girls at the front, he also stripped off most of his clothes during his performance! He had a pretty good voice but the song titles were a bit to cringey for us, like 'I O U'
 Hilarious overexposed picture of us
and a fantastic edited version...... 
This is a brilliant example of us on the night :')

People touched her, and it wasn't us...
Charlotte was so proud throughout the rest of the concert after taking this picture, thinking that she got a snap of Beyoncé's bum but then we worked out she wasn't wearing black :(
This jumpsuit is just utterly amazing!
'To the left, to the left'
The beyonce hand...
She also did a lovely tribute to Whitney Houston, which was beautiful 

We still can't believe how lucky we were to get tickets. I'm so proud of myself, I had Charlotte texting me every two minutes checking if we'd got them (she was at uni), then I didn't have the password for the online banking and it was a crazy that I managed to get them! 

We've got some video's on our youtube account from the night if you want to check them out, they're taking forever to load, but they are coming on slowly one by one! 
We both got a 'The Mrs Carter Show' teesh and a poster each, unfortunately they're unofficial merch (please don't hate us Bey)

After the sad ending of the concert we then got to train back to Tori's and spent most the night over excited and jealous of our friends who were going to see her on the night after in Manchester. We are definitely going to see her again, even though our seats weren't the best, hence the low quality pictures but we still got to see her and we are so much more in love with her now, if that's possible!

Who's the best artist/band you've seen live?


  1. aaahhh so jealous :( i tried for like 5 days straight to get tickets and never got through. so amazing xxx


    1. Awh that so upsetting! Loads of our friends didn't get them either, so it was a bit awkward! :P xx

  2. You got some great pics girls! i went to Manchester to see her too :) definitely the best person and singer I've seen live #idol

    Kerri xx