Sunday, 5 May 2013

Instagram #3 and My Spending Challenge

Hey lovelies, so it's been awhile since I've posted anything, I've been super swamped with revision my first exam is in 8 days... oh, my, god. So I'm trying to cram everything in, I'm actually pretty proud of myself because I've never revised so much in my life! 
Just thought I'd do a quick instagram post because I haven't in months. Sorry that the pictures are quite small, but if you want to see them in better quality check out my instagram @charlierendall or click the icon Instagram
ǁ Me and Hayls demolished a dominos last night and words cannot describe how amazing it was ǁ On the way back to Leeds for Carnage ǁ Buying David's Carnage outfit (zoo themed) I went as a lion, rawr. ǁ David's band Valys played at a local venue ǁ My new book from TKMaxx, I'll do a separate post about this next week ǁ I'm in love with Estée Lauder Doublewear Foundation at the moment ǁ Tigs in the garden ǁ Tigs going crazy with the mirrors ǁ I got some company doing my work ǁ My brilliant steak ǁ David cooking for me- cutie ǁ My new favourite chocolate ǁ We all tie-dyed life, I will show you my creations next week too ǁ I bought a new foundation which is too dark, boo and got a MaxFactor bronzer for free... I couldn't believe it either. ǁ Me and Hayls lost our Manchester night out virginity with the girls in Missoula!

So apart from uni work, I've actually been pretty busy and we've been out a lot quite recently too. Which isn't like me that much, plus my bank balance isn't very happy with me at the moment.
So my plan is to do the '100 day spending challenge' but instead bend a couple of rules:

Charlotte's '20 day spending challenge':
- I'm allowed to do a food shop when needed and buy essentials like toilet roll etc. (obviously)
- I'm possibly going to allow myself buy a Beyonce souvenir just because, y'know, it's Beyonce (ONLY 2 DAYS TO GO AHHH)
- I'm not allowed to buy any makeup or clothes
- I can accept presents (My mum is coming to Leeds tomorrow, a shopping spree is what I'm hoping for...)
- I can't go out for any meals, David can't buy me any meals and he shall not persuade me to eat out (Again, I'm hoping for a Handmade Burger co. tomorrow from my mother)
- For every time I swear I'm going to put a £1 in my London savings
- I'm not allowed to go on a night out until i've finished my exams on the 22nd May!

That's all I can think of at the moment, let me know if you have any other ideas. By the way, it's only 20 days  because that's when me and David go to London to see Muse again, yay!
As soon as I'm back I'm going to start another one as me, David, Tori, Brad (Tori's bf) and Hayls and her boyf are going to Tenerife so we need to start saving for that too!
Ps. We're going to holding a blog sale very shortly, so make sure you don't miss out

Have you got any spending free ideas, tricks or tips?!
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