Friday, 22 February 2013

The new healthier me...

The diet begins *sigh* ... I decided to spoil myself with some slim fast banana shake powder, BBQ tortilla crisps and cheddar flavoured bites. Thrilling, eh?
Also my first free graze box came today too! Massive yay, been wanting to try one for ages and I've never got round to sorting one out.
You've most probably heard of a Graze box, surely? If not then where have you been?
Graze is a company that sends nutritious nibbles to snack on by post, you can chose to have them sent weekly, fortnightly or just a one of box whenever you want. They send four nibble sized portions of their kitchen to you through the post, all healthy options of course, and you personalise each box from the ratings that you give them. If you don't like the sound of something, you can bin it, or if you are like me, saw the honeycomb flapjack option and clicked 'send soon'. Which was silly because I can't eat it till Sunday because it has chocolate on...
That's right, I've given up chocolate for lent and me and my friend recently found out that lent doesn't include Sundays... I'm not sure if this is like a new rule to lent or something wild like that but I've never heard of it before, so I googled it and was told otherwise. However I've decided that it's pointless because I'd just go mad and eat everything chocolatey on a Sunday, so this Sunday I am limiting myself the tiniest bit of chocolate which is drizzled of these honeycombed delights.
Graze boxes are all 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable and made with wood from a sustainable forest. So it's all very environmentally friendly which is great! 
In my first box I got a cute Welcome booklet, explaining what they do, what you need to do and explaining their health badges. You can also donate money to their charity (The Graze School of Farming) in Uganda, find more information about their charity and what they do here.

In my first box I was given:
Tomato Dipinetti
Slow cooked cherry tomato relish with rosemary grissinetti
I have eaten these already and they were delicious the relish was amazing, it looked like I'd licked the pallette clean... The rosemary grissinetti were also delightful I just think that they were a little too small and fiddly, but that's me being really picky! Also they are only 96.9 calories!
Super Berry Detox
Blueberried, green raisins, goji berried and cranberries
These are 1 of your 5 a day!
Honeycomb Flapjack
Rustic rolled oat flapjack with honeycomb and milk chocolate
These are slighty higher in calories at 239, however they are full of healthy fibre!
Healthy Popping Corn- Slightly Sweet
Very self explanatory and they can be ready in as little as 40 seconds!
These are also full of healthy fibre which helps digestion and only 118 calories

I'm limiting myself to one punnet a day, so I can make the box last and also I can have a daily healthy snack while I'm on my slim fast diet.
My slim fast diet involves having a shake for breakfast and for lunch and then a healthy balanced meal for tea. I can also have 3 healthy snacks throughout the day (this is where graze comes in), and I need to drink lots of water!

So how much are these cute postbox sized treats? A mere £3.89, that's including post and packaging aswell. They also have a lot of promotion offers on all the time, so it's totally worth the money and it's healthy!
 If you are interested in ordering a box, would you like your first box for free
Just enter the code above when you are signing up!

Have you tried a Graze box before? Or the Slim Fast diet?
Let me know what you thought of them :)

Monday, 18 February 2013

etailPR Asos and Marc B. Competition

I'm finally on the mend, hooray! So what better way to spend the day than making an outfit collage?

etailPR are holding a great competition at the moment to win £75 to spend at Marc B. and £175 to spent at ASOS, all you have to do is create an outfit collage using ASOS clothing based around one of Marc B's new season bags.
I have based my outfit around the fabulous Giselle Black Tote. I fell in love with this bag instantly, I love the strong structure and the simplicity of the bag, you could wear this tote with everything and anything and it needs to be hanging off my arm...

I decided to go for a grungey, simplistic style outfit so all eyes are on the Giselle tote bag, because if/when I wear this bag I want everyone to be staring at it.

The dress and army jacket are both items from a Danish Label called Just Female. I really like their  clothing range as they are simple and minimalist designs however they are a bit too pricey for my student budget, boo! I do really like the Army Jacket with the pull in waist as I like the brown/khaki colour, the length of the jacket and the massive front pockets, I think this would go with most things in my wardrobe.
I also really like these Mogul Leather Creepers and teamed up with the Sheer Striped Socks, I am a big fan of the Alpha Female trend (ladies being able to wear mens clothes and suiting up) I think that these creepers would look great with above the ankle suit trousers or rolled up slouchy jeans.

If you want to enter this competition too, you have till 9am on Friday 22nd February to send your link to etailPR, check out their blogpost on how to enter here. Also check out Marc B's fabulous bag collections here! Good luck!

What your favourite bag from the Marc B. collection?

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Belated Valentines: Must be love...

Well I know I'm a bit late, but Belated Valentines Day! I hope you all had a great day and spent it with the ones you love. Isn't this picture just the cutest, my boyfriend says I look like a pug when I pull my bottom lip out, personally, I don't see it...
I would have done this post sooner but I'm not very well at the moment, its really taking all my energy, boohoo.

I still managed to go out on Valentines day though, David came down a day earlier and we had 2 nights together which was lovely as we were celebrating one year together! Madness, but we've had such a fab year, I honestly wouldn't have done half the stuff if it wasn't for him.

Warning, this is a slightly cheesy post!
On Valentines day last year I woke up to a picture message saying we were going to see Nero a month later in Sheffield!
And that day we went to Lincoln, I watched him getting part of his chest tattoo done, we had lunch at Nandos and then watched Star Wars in 3D at the cinema. It was a wonderful day!

This year we went to Wagamama's for the first time which was different, not quite sure if I like it if I'm honest and then went to see Die Hard 4 at the Cinemas which was fantastic, totally recommend watching it!

Here's some pictures of our year!
Went to sheffield to see Nero and then went out to Corp after, it was a brilliant night! Then spent the next day recovering and shopping around Sheffield

Went to Centre Parcs for a week with friends

              Day out to a garden centre, can't remember the name                                         A casual trip to tesco

< I've been with David to get his tattoo's for the past year
David took me to Leeds Festival for my birthday, we didn't get a nice photo of us together :( so here's one of him in our comfy tent

Random snaps of our faces

David is my boogie partner 

We like to get ridiculously drunk together

After getting scammed, I finally got tickets to see Muse for David's birthday, and we are seeing them again in May in London, yay!

I had honestly had the best year ever, I hope it's the same this year, we've already planned to see Don Broco end of this month, Deaf Havana in April, London for the weekend to see Muse in May and hopefully going on holiday together in the summer! 

Did you have a good Valentines day?

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Treat Tuesday

I feel like I've disowned my blog recently, I've been busy recently as I had a trip home for the weekend and I've had uni work, boo!
I went out yesterday after uni to get some valentines day presents for David, hehe :) and I managed to get a couple of bargains from Primark for myself too

I got this huge clutch bag in the sale for £3, reduced from £8! I don't own a good clutch bag, I normally borrow other peoples or just put all my stuff in everyone else bag when we go out, so I thought it was time to treat myself

I also got some cute rustic cross earrings which will be nice to wear casually or for a night out

Finally I got this got this adorable jumper from a charity shop when I went home for £1. Luckily it was a big size and it fits perfectly. I love the cute woodland creatures that on the front, I have been wearing this jumper with my hedge-hog ring to go with the theme!

Have a good night, I'm off for a carvery!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

DIY: Scrunchies

Following my post of Treat Tuesday, so far I've had 2 attempts at making a scrunchie. The first attempt I made it too big but the second attempt has gone really well, yay! I'm going to make some more and hopefully a bow aswell over the coming weekend! So here's how to make your own, this is based on my second attempt, I'm currently making them by trail and error...

Hope you've enjoyed this post, link me to your pages if you have made a scrunchie like this! I'll keep you updated if I make any more.

Last night I attend my first Chinese lesson with Tori and it was brilliant, I genuinely can't wait for the next one. Me and Tori will probably just be saying hello, how are you to each other for the rest of the week, or end up google translating more words!