Thursday, 7 February 2013

DIY: Scrunchies

Following my post of Treat Tuesday, so far I've had 2 attempts at making a scrunchie. The first attempt I made it too big but the second attempt has gone really well, yay! I'm going to make some more and hopefully a bow aswell over the coming weekend! So here's how to make your own, this is based on my second attempt, I'm currently making them by trail and error...

Hope you've enjoyed this post, link me to your pages if you have made a scrunchie like this! I'll keep you updated if I make any more.

Last night I attend my first Chinese lesson with Tori and it was brilliant, I genuinely can't wait for the next one. Me and Tori will probably just be saying hello, how are you to each other for the rest of the week, or end up google translating more words!


  1. cute DIY! It seems like something so simple, maybe I'll try. It's perfect for a top bun :)

    Steph // fun size beauty

  2. How creative. Love it! xx