Sunday, 17 February 2013

Belated Valentines: Must be love...

Well I know I'm a bit late, but Belated Valentines Day! I hope you all had a great day and spent it with the ones you love. Isn't this picture just the cutest, my boyfriend says I look like a pug when I pull my bottom lip out, personally, I don't see it...
I would have done this post sooner but I'm not very well at the moment, its really taking all my energy, boohoo.

I still managed to go out on Valentines day though, David came down a day earlier and we had 2 nights together which was lovely as we were celebrating one year together! Madness, but we've had such a fab year, I honestly wouldn't have done half the stuff if it wasn't for him.

Warning, this is a slightly cheesy post!
On Valentines day last year I woke up to a picture message saying we were going to see Nero a month later in Sheffield!
And that day we went to Lincoln, I watched him getting part of his chest tattoo done, we had lunch at Nandos and then watched Star Wars in 3D at the cinema. It was a wonderful day!

This year we went to Wagamama's for the first time which was different, not quite sure if I like it if I'm honest and then went to see Die Hard 4 at the Cinemas which was fantastic, totally recommend watching it!

Here's some pictures of our year!
Went to sheffield to see Nero and then went out to Corp after, it was a brilliant night! Then spent the next day recovering and shopping around Sheffield

Went to Centre Parcs for a week with friends

              Day out to a garden centre, can't remember the name                                         A casual trip to tesco

< I've been with David to get his tattoo's for the past year
David took me to Leeds Festival for my birthday, we didn't get a nice photo of us together :( so here's one of him in our comfy tent

Random snaps of our faces

David is my boogie partner 

We like to get ridiculously drunk together

After getting scammed, I finally got tickets to see Muse for David's birthday, and we are seeing them again in May in London, yay!

I had honestly had the best year ever, I hope it's the same this year, we've already planned to see Don Broco end of this month, Deaf Havana in April, London for the weekend to see Muse in May and hopefully going on holiday together in the summer! 

Did you have a good Valentines day?

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