Monday, 4 February 2013

Last night...

Last night we had a good chilling night, Me and Hayley put on face masks, I used a mud mask and Hayls had a peely face mask, we looked hilarious I looked like the hulk and Hayley looked like she had a skin disease. We couldn't laugh otherwise we'd crack our faces so we both mastered laughing without moving our faces!

This is the mask I used, it's formulated for sensitive skin and it's Non- Comedogenic, so it doesn't clog pores or cause blemishes. It also isn't tested on animals! This mask was just an old one that I've been meaning to use for ages now, and it worked really well and I now have super soft baby skin!
Face masks are to help, enhance the temperature of your skin, open the skin's pores and to increase the oxygen content in the skin, so it's always good to have one every now and then!
We looked so wrinkly and strange with the masks on. Also what we didn't realised that Hayley got the mask in her eyebrow and when Sonia was pulling the mask off we honestly thought we pulled half her eyebrow with it, but then Hayley managed to save it somehow ... (TIP, never put face masks over your eyebrows, quite obvious but we nearly had a disaster)
While waiting for Beyonce to graces us on our telly we watched Blades of Glory and made a massive discovery 
(watch the clip upto 0:35)
and we also watched Tom from McFly's wedding speech which is amazing, I have upped the standards of my future husbands wedding speech, if you've not seen it, check it out here immediately!!

SO HOW AMAZING IS BEYONCE?! She looked fabby at the Super Bowl, especially after having a baby! Who is beautiful as ever with her little afro. If you've not seen her performance, you NEED to watch it. Kelly and Michelle even pop up and they sing some Destiny's Child songs together. I had goose bumps the whole way through the performance, g'won Queen Bey. Then for the rest of the night we stayed up watching funny videos till 5am. Like this video 
 I cried 

 It's been a bit of a random post, but it last night was random and hilarious and it needed to be shared
Did you know about the Blades of Glory quote? and definitely link me any hilarious videos you know of!


  1. It was a long time ago I used face mask.. have to do that asap!

  2. I love peel of masks x

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