Monday, 29 July 2013


Uh oh, we had a mini unintentional break, due to the lack of internet *sobs*

We have so much to catch up on so here it goes...

New Home Cake
First of all, we've moved houses! We are moving on from our first year of uni and leaving student accommodation. Which sucks as we are no longer in the centre of Leeds anymore so we've either spent a lot of time walking or spent a lot on taxi fares to and from town. On the upside, Charlotte doesn't live with minging girls in a disgusting, unhygienic flat anymore, woo!
We were very lucky getting our houses, we have a FAB landlord, who is literally amazing, she took Charlotte and Lucy (one of her housemates and bestfriend from home) to Dunelm Mill to get new wall art for their house and spent £90 on stuff for us. Both our houses are literally across the road from each other, so we're basically in the same house, sort of...pretty much.
Because we have just moved in, we didn't have any internet until yesterday which is why we've had a bit of a break. We will do a blog post soon showing you around our new rooms, give you all a sneak peek! Lets just say it will be like a episode of MTV cribs without the swimming pools and excessive amount of cars and rooms!

Charlotte had to resit a module (major boo). So spent a lot of the sunny days revising and burning outside, and then decided it was best to spend the last few days revising inside instead... Her tan lines on her boobs were hilarious :') emphasis on the 'were', where has Mr. Sunshine gone? Leeds has just been muggy and overcast AND WE'RE NOT DEALING WITH IT VERY WELL, everyone is constantly sweaty and it is not very nice.
Anyway, no news yet if Charlotte has passed her resit but we have high hopes that it went well. Fingers and toes are crossed. 

We've got jobs!! That's right, we've both got jobs! We are now officially working girls again. 
Charlotte managed to get 3 jobs in the space of a week... 3! And tori has got a job and an interview for 2 of the places where Charlotte works. We've got a couple shifts in August but they don't really properly start until September when Leeds' student life is mad again, so we're still going to be poor this summer! And we have already found out a perk of the job...drum role please... we will be working The Script gig! So we don't really mind getting payed to "watch" them, helllllloooooo Danny O'Donoghue.

We also have pen pals!
Well so far we've just been setup with pen pals by the lovely Ashley from Private School Prepster. When she posted back in June about wanting to arrange some girls together to be pen pals, we couldn't ignore it and emailed her straight away because we all love sending and receiving cute stationery!
Tori is paired with Sockwun from ExtraExtravagant and Charlotte is paired with Hannah from Raspberry Kitsch, definitely worth checking these girls out as they both have brilliant and very different blogs.

Charlotte had a date with her housemate, Charlotte (we'll call her Charlotte McQ to stop the confusion), as Charlotte McQ got free cinema tickets to see The Heat on Monday.
The film was absolutely hilarious, I've never actually laughed so much in the cinema before, like genuine laughing. It's definitely worth seeing when it comes out 31st July, you can totally tell that it's the same director of 'Bridesmaids', and if you thought that was good you'll definitely love this! Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy make such a good duo, I am 100% buying this when it gets released on DVD and may even go see it again on the opening night. How photoshopped does Melissa McCarthy's face look on the main promotion poster!?

Can't wait to show you around our new rooms! What have you got upto this past month?

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