Monday, 4 February 2013

Royal Armouries Trip

On Friday me and David had a lovely day out around Leeds, being tourist, or 'Cultural' as David wanted to put it. Apologies that this post is late, I forgot my camera and had to upload them from my phone and I've ran out of internet, typical. An iPhone without internet is truly useless. Also warning this is a heavily photograph based post, and may be bad quality.
To start the day off we decided to do some shopping around the centre, we had a look in Ark and a couple shops down we found a new Steak House which has recently just opened called Miller and Carter. I can definitely understand why they call themselves 'experts in steak', If you have one near you, I totally recommend you to try it out, it was delicious and the service was great!
At first we looked at the menu and was like, may as try it out as we'd never seen it before thinking we were just oblivious but then I found out that it had only just opened. After looking at the menu we walked in through these massive see through doors with long gold door handles and was instantly glad we picked to eat there. It was so posh! Lovely smart wooden and red furniture, someone welcoming you into the restaurant and water out of a bottle... I didn't take many pictures in the restaurant because I felt rude having my phone out, so I did it on the sly ;)

Don't know what he is doing with his tongue, weirdo :') 

David got a Orchard Flower Refresher drink which has Apple, Strawberry and Elderflower in it, it was amazing!

My meal: Opted for a Full Rack, because I LOVE Ribs, with a passion! 
It was heavenly, the meat just fell off the bone and it literally looked like I'd sucked them clean

David's meal: 16oz T Bone Steak with onion slice, chips and peppercorn sauce
The steak was cooked to perfection, medium to rare how he likes it, he thoroughly enjoyed his meal

My dessert: Chocolate Brownie
If brownie is on the menu, you just can't pick anything else. This was amazing however I found it quite sickly because I was full from my main

Davids Dessert: White Chocolate Box which has a Raspberry Coulis in the middle
I'm guessing he enjoyed it as it was gone in a matter of minutes 
Massive thank-you to David for treating me to this wonderful meal, we really should have waited for Valentines Day for our year anniversary, so we've called it our pre-valentines date hehe.

We then took a trip to the Royal Armouries, had a lovely walk through the city centre and then past the canal, we found some cute shops and a tea room on the way which is where I want to go with the Girls or for Valentines day for afternoon tea and cake.
I thought this was hilarious 

The Royal Armouries
Bumped into some of my friends and had a look around with them for a bit
'Cute Lady Gun' I don't know how a gun can be cute but it is
An umbrella sword! Just wild.
Chinese Tea Room
David is petrified of heights so he was holding on for dear life, cutie
The main reason why we visited, The Hobbit replica swords are on show.

I look awful :')
Looking through this, and then read that to buy a copy its like £1000+ and decided to leave it alone
Got a Penny Press
Some amazing art work/graffiti outside

To end the trip we got a Starbucks!
Weird monkey doll in a shop window

Have you ever visited the Royal Armouries?


  1. Your dessert looked amazing! That poor leopard :O

    The Style Rawr!

    1. It was so good! Just a shame I couldn't eat it all :( and I know and the turtle shell! xx