Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sweet v Savoury

Hope you've all had a good weekend? Mine has been spent asleep and drinking (average student)
I have been a typical student this week, freshers has started again so it's only fair to celebrate. Normally I tend to stay in, I'd rather have a movie night then go out and partay the night away, mainly because my hang overs are terrible *sigh*. But this week I have skinted myself so next week is a detox until carnage on Sunday YAY! My first ever carnage as the last two times, I've not been in Leeds to go and I was too hungover from the night before, bad move! So this time is a definite, especially as it is UV themed...

On Friday me and David had a wonderful day being tourists around Leeds, we had such a cute fabby day, just sucks that he had to go back home that night, boo! I took loads of photos so blog post coming up shortly

I have something amazing that I've found to share with you.
Heather's Etsy shop through Rachel's Blush and Brunch Blog (my new favourite blog)!
She sells miniature food trinkets and jewellery, yep, that's right, Miniature food to wear!
When it comes to Sweet and Savoury, Sweet wins hands down, I have such a sweet tooth, give me chocolate any time and I will love you forever.

My Favourite, The Battenberg Cake Necklace 

This is only a miniature selection of her amazing range of jewellery (see what I did there), definitely have a look at her other products and make sure you tell me what's your favourite!
All the jewellery is made ready to ship so once you've ordered it won't be long until you have miniature food hanging off you and at prices ranging from £5 to £25, they're adorable and affordable!

p.s. Rachel is also having a giveaway to one lucky person to celebrate her reaching 200 followers, hooray! She is giving away some exciting Asian Beauty Best Sellers, like Misscha Blotting Sheets, which mattify your face without ruining your make up - ideal for a night out! Tony Moly Snail Masks, made with real snail mucus - sounds totally gross but a must try. She is giving away much more, so be sure to check out her blog.

Have a good night! I'm going to clean my make up brushes and then watch some movies with the girls I think


  1. thanks for the sweet shoutout, i'm glad you liked the Etsy shop post! that battenberg cake charm is also my favorite from her shop :) looks so could i could almost eat it!

    good luck on the giveaway, especially with your extra entries ;)

    rachel x

    1. Haha, thanks! Its just such a good giveaway! x