Wednesday, 30 January 2013


A little fact about me, I love cats. I've always had a cat in my life since I was born and I will admit that since moving to uni I do miss my kitty, Tiger also known as Tigsley, Tiggleypie, Tiggy, Poo, Kitty, Cat, the list goes on. I am one for little pet names for everything, for example David is Daveypie and Stan is Stanleybear. I really don't know why I do it, it just flows naturally out of my mouth :')
And because I'm missing Tigs I have decided I need a cat top in my life!
Kitty Tops

(Going from top left all the way round)

Unfortunately this is a petite top, booo
This is my fav, but at the moment I can't justify paying that much 
This is also one of my fav's I love the colour of the jumper
This is such a cute top, it makes me giggle with cuteness, however I'm not keen on the neck line
I think this is my least favourite out them all as I think that the material looks quite thin and see through in the photographs
Yes, Yes, I know that this is not a top, but it has a cat on and its adorable and I need it on me
I love the detailing of the cat's face on this top and it looks like it would be really comfy to wear (not quite sure how)

Which top is your favourite? and have you already got a cat top?!


  1. Ooo my favourite is that cat dress... it is so quirky... kind of Katy Perry Style! x

  2. Oh my I love the black jumper! It has a resemblance to the cat sitting on my lap right now :) xo