Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Pretty Bones

Well it's freshers again, the plan was to go out every night but we are all suffering too much to go out again tonight. A couple of us went to Bed Nightclub in Leeds last night and it was very very messy to say the least. Sonia and Tori decided to buy a full bottle of Vodka at the bar so we all was drinking it like it was water and everyone sort of swarm around trying to get some vodka, t'was a hilarious night! However it ended with me falling over 2 seconds away from my flat, spraining my hand, waking the whole flat up and ringing my everyone at stupid o'clock... oooopsey

Apologies for the bad quality arrowing, but I have a poorly hand :(
My lovely girlies!

I also painted my nails yesterday and then I decided to go out in a dress that doesn't really go with them :') 
I'm currently wearing Rimmel 60 second nail polish in Sky High shade, which is basically a genius in a bottle... It drys in 60 seconds, has a special flat brush which makes application easier and it can be applied in 1 sec, apparently. The dots and lines have been done with Primark nail pens, which I'm not very keen on as the white have now gone an off very pale yellow colour but that may be because of the blue base and they have chipped off easily.
I really wish I decided to do just dots because the lines are terrible, probably re-do these again tomorrow.

Anyway, the main reason for this blog today/tonight/this morning (I slept away my hangover and didn't wake up till 3pm so I'm not that tired now!!) was to promote my boyfriends band's new video which has been released finally, yay! 

The band is called Valys, you can check them out on every form of social media here and you definitely need to download (free of charge, that what we like to hear, ayee) their single Pretty Bones and watch the new video!
Major link overload, but let me know if you enjoy their music! They've worked really hard and hopefully will be doing loads more gigs throughout the year.

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