Thursday, 17 January 2013

Instaupdate #1

First, I must warn you that I am a massive instagram whore, I post a couple of photos at least everyday, I'm addicted.
If you've not heard of instagram, however I'm sure you have... it's a form of social networking but unlike Twitter and Facebook its based around photographs, which you upload and add a cool filter and share them with the world...

This is partly from last week and this week so far, been rather busy but adventurous!

Me and David invested in some funky scales so                                 David and Stan sharing the love!
we could bake some cupcakes

    Photographing Light Trails for my friend's                                             Essay taking it's toll!
    band's new EP cover

Steel's resturant before going out and taking                                              David's adorable Yorkshire
more Light Trail photographs                                                                            Terrier, Stanley

Cleaning, emptying my room as a princess, and found an old birthday present from an old friend which will be coming back to uni with me!

This is my beautiful fat kitty, well... the back of him                            Me and David getting excited about the snow

Bit of light reading before a bad night sleep                            Me and my best friend, Lucy went out for a romantic meal

Have you had a good week?


  1. stanley is so cute! and the food is making me hungry :)