Thursday, 24 January 2013

New Accessories: Everours Bargains

I’ve burnt out the family wireless, opps!  So I wrote this last night and posting it now because my brother went to bed so I didn’t want to wake him while getting the internet lead, cause I’m lovely like that, hehe…

Anyway, my Everours jewellery came yesterday, yay! Such a bargain I got in the sale, you should really check their site out, because everything they sell is just adorable!
It even came in a cute pink and white stripped sweet-like bag

I finally got myself a collar cuff, hooray, I’ve wanted one for ages and for a £2 I couldn’t say no! I love the triangle/zig-zag pattern that’s on them and it looks so cute on

P.s. my hair is like this as I have died the end lilac!

This pumpkin carriage necklace is so sweet, it even opens and closes with a magnet, it was only a £1 and it's just the right length chain! 

I fell in love with this ring as soon as I saw it; I adore big statement rings so it just had to be part of my collection especially for £1. I love the colour of the rock, the detailing on the side of the ring and the adjustable ring so it can fit anyone.

Make sure you check out their website here!
I really wish they sold their clothes with more sizes because they are all so lovely and I highly doubt they will fit me :( Maybe in July I will be able to purchase something when I'm nice and slim?! Hopefully anyway...

Let me know if you have bought anything from Everours!


  1. Their sale is so so good! I bought a lot of 21st Birthday presents from there, including your collar chain! Your shirt is such a gorgeous colour xo

    1. I know! Everything is just so cute and so cheap! And thank you, it's my day's old one :')