Monday, 28 January 2013

Instaupdate #2

The past couple of days, packing and moving back to uni. I also had an extended family engagement party on Saturday night, where I knew like nobody so I just downed Malibu and Cokes one after another on my own.
It was a generic family party, with a really bad DJ, a family argument (luckily it wasn't my side of the family) and a party goer who was too out of it and danced (well, fell) about with no dignity. T'was a fun night ...
This is the past week in photo's :)

Night out with my girls                                                                 Tigsley looking as beautiful as ever and David ruining it

Me and David enjoying the snow                                                                    I painted Christmas nails 

                             I slept with my Wreck This Journal                                                         Need a hair cut!

Got my new Collar cuff on and I was about to dye my dip lilac              Found out Kate Nash is playing in Leeds, YES

Lilac didn't come out too good, and when I washed it                                                               Tiger JC'ing
again the next day it was just a dull lilac/silver/blonde colour

                   Come home to find Momma and Tiger like this                                                   Got my fringe back in! 

                               Enjoying myself at my Family party                              Back at uni and my Hello Kitty case came! yayyaya

Finally my flat is a mess, as expected but the 3 girls that we live with are just disgusting, so I wrote them a message because its just ridiculous now.
Earlier I had to make a sandwich in my room because its just that gross!

Hope you've all had a great week, what have you been up to?

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