Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Watch time is it?

Hello Lovelies,
Been busy past couple of days trying to fit everyone in to say bye before going back to Uni at the weekend. I went out Saturday afternoon to take some Theory 59 band photos. They only gave me 30 minutes to photograph their pretty faces in a bitterly cold, windy field, I've not looked at them yet nor edited them so I'm not sure what they are like, I will post them when they are ready.
I also watched Dynamo, Magician Impossible series 2 last night, I really am just mind blown by Dynamo and it frustrates me that his tricks are impossible? Surely? I will be first to get tickets if and when he does a Live show, I need to see it for my own eyes!!

I've been after a watch for ages now and  really need/want one asap- especially for my lectures, so I can see how slow time is going without being rude and getting my phone out all the time.
A brown simple watch would be perfect like the ones below that I've had my eye on
1) ASOS Rabbit ears watch £20
I really wish this was a Cat not a Rabbit, the Cat watch isn't as cute and it has a black strap which sucks but I think that this Rabbit one is adorable
2) Casio Mini Digital Watch £30
A Casio Watch was on my Christmas list however I forgot to tell both my Momma and Papa, so Santa didn't know hehe. You can get these from various places like American Apparel which are slightly more expensive or you can get a good deal on eBay
3) River Island Vintage Style Patent Croc £15
This is sold out on both the River Island and ASOS website, I can totally understand why, This has to be one of my favourites out of this bunch. I love the Roman Numerals on the clock face.
4) Classic St Andrews Lady £166ish
This is my favourite watch out of the Daniel Wellington collection and what I would give to get one, just a bit out of my student budget at the moment, booey!
5) Brown Skinny Floral Watch £15
I like the simple floral design on the clock face and its such a good price
6) Brown Antique Watch £20
This is also one of my favourite watches, again I love the Roman Numerals on the clock face and I really like the colour of the strap

I will definitely be purchasing one of these in the next couple of weeks, need to get my save on!

I currently can not stop listening to the Foals. They're releasing a new album, Holy Fire which is out on the 11th February, and the two songs they have released already are just fabby! Give them a listen and definitely buy their new album, I will be...



  1. Oh my god thank you so much for bringing the ASOS Rabbit watch into my life-I love it!

    1. Its adorable isn't it! Can not go wrong for £20 either!!

  2. i got the casio for christmas its the perfect size as normally some watches look silly on my wrist :( also how did you do this wish list? what software did you use? us blogging newbies have to stick together :') aha! xxx

    1. I have messaged you on twitter honey :) xx

  3. Aw charlie I see that ASOS Rabbit watch a while back and I've wanted it ever since haha it's the cutest thing ever! Love the Daniel Wellington too. xxxx

    1. The Daniel Wellington really need to be on my wrist :( hahah! xxxx