Wednesday, 26 June 2013


We both know that bloggers love Pinterest, and online shopping, right? So what happens when you put both them concepts together? We introduce you to ShopcadeCharlotte is absolutely loving it at the moment, we thank EtailPR's competition for helping us find this and we wanted to share it with you all!
Check out this quick video to get the overall concept of the site.

You get to 'Want' the product you like/want into custom folders that you create, making it easy for you to organise all of your wildest online purchasing dreams. Charlotte has a Chanel bag in one of her lists. Can you see what we mean by involving the Pinterest concept?
Also, you get notification when something on your list(s) goes on a deal or sale! Which is fab especially when you're like us and forget something you like, it goes on sale and then it's sold out by the time you realise, this way you won't miss out.

You can discover new products which have been picked out just for you.

Shopcade is available on a range of devices.

You get a personal trend score. This gives you rewards, discounts and even free products (if you're fast)! You can boost your trend score by getting points on your daily log in (50pts), when you list an item, when people follow you, buy or add products which you have added to your lists, when you follow people and you can get a whopping 500pts for complete the onboarding!

You get to see what everyone else is loving with the trending page and get to discover new brands. You also have your own feed full of products/brands/people you follow, and if you can't find the item you want, you can add it in yourself, so you will always have something new to shop.

We totally recommend you check out Shopcade, if you do get as hooked as Charlotte has, make sure that you check out her lists and follow her! We also have the Shopcade widget at the side of our blog, so whenever you pop by you will get to see what new items she has posted. So far it's been great to put all of our wants for the new houses, we are moving in less than a week now, eeek!

Have you joined Shopcade?

EtailPR are also holding another competition to win a goodie bag of prizes worth over £250 so make sure you check that out here for a chance to win!

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