Sunday, 22 September 2013

Car Booty'ing Bargains!

Over this summer, I didn't really do anything major fab, a lot of students (well young peeps, I just said peeps and I don't care, hehe) go travelling, clubbing holidays, festivals etc. but I spent mine with Family and I wouldn't have changed that if I could. To be honest I did that all last year, I went to Magaluf with my girls, saw a lot of bands I loved, even visited places around the UK and went to Leeds Festival, it was a great year. This year I found myself getting up at 5am to go to a carboot with my mum, we so crazay. I love carboots, they are just so fun - maybe not the early start but it's only for a couple of hours.

The first day, Sunday Morning of the Bank Holiday. Got there for about 6am, and before we had even set anything up, the proper car booters were already looking into our boxes and watching me unwrap the Crockery and China that we had cleared out from my Grandma's house. The first day was very successful we made about £80 and only £20 on the second day, a nice £50 each. Mum however was practically giving all of our stuff away, so it was a very good thing that I came along to help with the bartering - which I found out I'm not that shabby at ;) When my stepdad came to see how we were doing and delivered the clothes rail, me and mum went off to have a nosey at the other stalls. I purposely didn't bring my purse along with me so I didn't give into the temptation of buying anything... I obviously went back to get it but look what bargains I got!
Document bag/Leather Clutch - 50p
Charlotte Candle - Free
Clinique Pore Refining Solution - 50p
I found this gorgeous Brown Real Leather Clutch, the woman got up and straight away offered me it for 50p, yes, 50p. Instantly sold. It's actually meant to be a document holder for like passports and travel money etc, but I thought it would make a good clutch for a night out as it's just the right size to hold everything in and it seems pretty secure to hold everything when i'm a drunken mess (not that I ever get in such a state...). The lady saved it for me and I ran back to get my purse, my plan of not bringing it didn't work. When I got back I saw this cute Charlotte Candle and was like oh look mum, the lady then gave it to me as she had given up hope that there was any more Charlotte's left, bless. It does smell really nice and apparently i'm a lady of mystery, cheeky.
I also got this Clinique Pore Refining Solution. It was a bit of a risk buying this and I didn't really know what it was or did. I just saw Clinique and bought it, I had a spare 50p so why not? I actually really like this though, it makes my skin look and feel great and totally mattified. Definitely worth the risk, I may even buy it.

On the second day, Bank Holiday Monday, we didn't sell as much. Probably because we sold all the good stuff the day before. We even saw the same pro car-booty-goers and the same happened when we got there at 6.30am (had an extra 30 mins in bed) someone already wanted to buy our table. They didn't in the end, but the table had a lot of interest, a young lad wanted to buy it and said he would think about it. A man then came up to the stall and asked how much we were selling it for, we said about £6, he rudely said 'don't mean to offend you but I'll give you £3 for it.' bearing in mind that this a proper wood little coffee table, me and mum just looked at each other and sold it for £4 as we just wanted rid. We then saw the young lad walk past our stall with OUR TABLE which the man must have sold for more on his carboot, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT... (sorry, I re-lived my anger again, opps ahahaha) I actually was so shocked, and we were already not enjoying ourselves as much as yesterday as the buyers were rude and not saying morning back to me and no one was buying anything. So I angrily bought thee best Bacon Burger (with ketchup and BBQ sauce and obviously onions) I have ever had, cheered us both straight up! As soon as the clock hit 12pm we had already packed up and left.

However I did get this really cute Henry Holland Dress (well a long top) which was not a bad price and such a good find. I didn't think it would fit as it was a 12 and my boobs have never been in a size 12 for a good couple of years however it fits perfect, if anything it's a bit big of me. Proper confidence boost for me!
Henry Holland Dress £2.50
(sorry about the bad quality!)

Are you a regular car-booty-goer?
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  1. Me and my boyfriend get to car boots whenever we can, there's so many bargains to be had! The faux leather Zara jacket I'm wearing in my last blog post was £1 from a car boot sale! I love your little brown leather clutch, it does look perfect for nights out. Cannot believe the cheek of that other stallholder buying and then reselling your table!! Some car booters are far too serious haha it reminds me of a program we randomly watched a while ago about allotment wars, all the allotment people were so into it they had arguments and fights! xx

    1. Oh wow! that's a brilliant find! I would never have sold that for a Pound! Lucky.
      hahaha, I know how ridiculous. They really do take it too seriously, but suppose some people make a living out of that... xx