Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Charlotte's August/September Buys

After my June/July post, I realised that I had a lot more too show you, which is why I waited til the end of August (now 1/4 through September oppps) to show you the rest of my buys, well bargains!

Primark £1.50
Sorry about the rubbed off label, I didn't even realise until I photographed it! But I bought this out of curiosity and because I'm very bad when it comes to queue impulse buying... why do you always think you need something in the little bowls or hangers just before you go to pay?! Very clever advertising if you ask me.
Anyway, at £1.50 it was a brilliant purchase. I love the colour and the good thing about this lipgloss stick, is that it doesn't have the sticky quality of a normal lipgloss.

Republic £4 (was £30)
I definitely think we all need to appreciate this beautiful bag. I have been on the hunt for months for a black leather rucksack and was having no luck. Until I went for an adventure checking out the new surroundings of my new house, and got a call from Lucy (my housemate/best friend) saying she has bought me a rucksack and she hopes I like it. 
When she got back home from town, I was in love. She was going to buy me the bag for my birthday, the bag is should have been £30 to £15 but when she got to the checkout, it scanned in at £4! Yes, only 4 little pounds! So she went back and got herself one too. I have already worn out my bag and broken the clasps off from carrying too much however I do plan to fix this and I still have been using it regardless, it just goes with everything. 
Urban Outfitters Boxes £5 (was £25 ish)
A while back we wandered into Urban Outfitters Sale and me and lucy saw this really cute box (the top picture, bottom box), it felt heavy so we were intrigued to see what was in the box, only to find a smaller box. I would have loved to of filmed our reaction because the smaller the boxes got, the more (over) excited we got. 5 lovely patterned boxes later, we were gutted that it ended, however rushed to the counter to buy them. For a fiver? A pound a box, bargain! I currently have my perfume and body/face bits in one, grips and bobbles etc in another, and some jewellery one and the a couple are empty! 
Tesco £6
I've been after a brown leather, small strap watch for AGES now and I finally found one in Tesco. Never thought I would have found it there, but hey ho, I love it. It's just what I wanted and all for £6. I currently have the problem that one hole is too tight and one hole is too loose, not a big problem but I don't want to break it!
I'm in love with The Body Shop at the moment. If you saw in my June/July post then you read that I bought The Body Shop 'Love Your Body' card. Such a good purchase, I went in a couple days after my birthday to use my free £5 off present they give you in your birthday month. I decided to buy the Beautifying Oil as I asked the lady what would be good for my dry hair and she suggested this as you can use it on your hair, body and face and even said you could use it a cuticle oil as well. I have used this on my face and sometimes my hair for nearly a month and I still have the majority of the bottle left. I really love this product at the moment and for £9 I did at first think it was a bit pricey however I only paid £3.10 for it - with my Body Card 10% discount and my £5 birthday deduction, the lady also put a Banana Shampoo and Conditioner sample (to see if it help with my damaged hair) and samples of Hemp Hand Protector and Almond Hand and Nail Cream.
I am going to do a full Birthday The Body Shop Haul very soon (promise! I may even do more than one post about it) as I got a lot more products and I want to tell you my opinions of them to you!
Here's an instagram picture of all the buys me and mother bought (the body butter and lipgloss is momma's)

What do you think of my buys?
Make sure you link me any of your recent buys, I love being nosey!

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  1. The rucksack was SUCH a bargain!! I've been into Republic a couple of times with the bargain discount of 70% off going on, and managed to get a couple of steal buys. I really love the UO boxes too, for £1 each they are so so cheap! The Body Shop almond hand and nail cream is so good, I've tried loads of hand creams and this is by far the best one. You can feel it's worked pretty much straight away, and it doesn't leave that horrid sticky feeling some hand creams do xx

    1. Such a good find, some things in republic though are just minging though! I've not actually tried the Almond hand cream yet but I definitely will need it in these up and coming winter days. xx