Friday, 30 August 2013

OOTD // Crazy Grammy Shirt and New Beauty Finds

Oh hey, look what I bought!
Top; Grandma's
Skirt; Primark
Necklace; Dorothy Perkins £2
I've lost my tripod top. Blerrrrghhh. So I can't connect my camera to my tripod - how bloody annoying!! This is my outfit I wore around town today, I really love this shirt, it's so comfy and I love the colour and pattern. I just paired it with a black lace skirt, topshop hiking boots and black fringed back pack.

Yesterday, we had a fab trip to town. While Tori had a job induction, me, Sonia and Ashley had a mooch around town to get a couple of bits. We also took full advantage of all the free stuff that Leeds had to offer, because we're poor students and free stuff is thee best.
Ashley loved being dragged around all the girls shops, Victoria's Secret opened in Trinity yesterday so we obviously had to have a trip in there, twice. To be honest, I didn't see any bra's in particular that I loved which was a great thing because I can not afford £40 a pop, I don't even think that they do my bra size, but I'm not sure what a DDD size is like. 
As you can see from the top picture I finally got round to buying some flowers and a watering can, for the obvious reasons... (how cute does it look!)

On the way to Victoria's Secret we saw that Superdry was giving away free lip glaze (worth £7), makeovers and manicures, we obviously had to pop in. I got a mini makeover, I tried the Lipstick in shade 'Electric Pink' which I definitely am contemplating buying, I love the colour. I also had a bit of bronzer/blusher on my cheecks (their bronzer brush is so soft) and some base eye shadow. The free lip glaze came in shade 'Supply Red Colour' and I was super excited to try this out, to find out it's broken. wow. I'm off to try get another one today and I'll report back to you!
Avon Mega Effects Mascara. What an invention. 
I first saw this mascara on the cover of the latest edition of Avon mag at David's Grandma's house and was totally amazed. So when we saw the Avon van in Leeds City Centre, I went over to see if they had a sample or tester that so I could see the real thing and they gave me one. That's right £10 mascara that I was going to buy, I got for free! YES! One problem, I had to sign up to be an Avon Rep, I'm still debating if I want/can actually do it.
I still need to try this product and I will give you a full review when I have use it properly! But how exciting does it look, a whole new revolution to mascara, providing panoramic volume, apparently.
The mascara is a lot smaller than I imagined it to be, however just as cool! I made an awesome gif, get me, to show you how the brush rocks to bend to the desired angle. 

Have you tried any Superdrug beauty products or the Avon Mega Effects Mascara?

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