Friday, 9 August 2013

Charlotte's June/July Buys

Since we had a mini break and I was going to do this post a while ago but I some reason didn't get round to actually doing the post so I've rounded up everything that I've bought/I've been bought in the past couple of months to share with you because I have managed to get some right bargains!

 Urban Outfitters- Jewellery Box £12 (was £26) 
 Urban Outfitter- Photo Frame £3 (was £6)
Before we moved house, I was just browsing facebook at stupid o'clock in the morning and the jewellery box that I fell in love with popped up on the side advertisement, shouting, I repeat, shouting at me saying it was now £12! I honestly nearly wee'd myself. I was going to buy this at full price which I'm very glad I didn't. So while I was about to purchase this beautiful wooden box, I decided to gander through the sale and saw this adorable Glitter Heart Photo Frame which was half price so I thought it would be cute to put a picture of me and David in it!  
I will show you more buys I got from Ikea for my new room in my New Bedroom Post which I will do shortly.
The Body Shop- Born Lippy £Free (£3) Strawberry Body Mist £5.60 (£7.50)
I saw a deal on one of the student money saver websites (definitely worth checking out, they are always updating brilliant offers and freebies) for a free Born Lippy Lip Balm from The Body Shop, I instantly printed off the slip and walked into the shop expected them to say its not valid or something. Oh how I went in on a good day. As soon as I walked in the shop I noticed that all of the Strawberry collection was on 25% off, that day only, and I LOVE the strawberry section in The Body Shop, saying that anything strawberry is brilliant. Anyway, I had already pre warned myself that I can not afford to buy anything, get the free lip balm and leave; but when I asked the guy if it was valid, he also told me that if you spend £5 or more today you get the membership card free (normally £5). I then couldn't resist to buy the Body Mist which was just over £5.60, I got the free lip balm in Toffee, which I slightly regret now, it doesn't smell/taste like toffee, and the membership card all for £3.75- not entirely sure how but I got another 10% off from the membership card (I know it doesn't add up but I'm not complaining). The Body Shop is my new favourite shop.

Matalan- Soon Collection 
Matalan- Soon Collection
So me and mum had a lovely trip to Matalan a while ago now, and planned to get some new and correct size bras for myself because none of my bras actually fitted me. We obviously also had to have a look around the clothes before getting to the bra section. I must say, the bra rails in Matalan are terrible, I think I l knocked a good couple of bras off and looking for my size was impossible without 10 other bras coming off too. After knocking the majority of the bras off and hunting around the hundreds of styles, I only found a couple in my actual size- story of my life and we ended up only buying 1. While I was looking at bras, mum had wondered off into the Soon Collection, which I'd say is a collection for the more mature lady. There was a 3 for 2 offer on, mum had already picked out 2 items and said I could have the final item, I initially didn't think I would find anything, however I managed to spot both the blue dress and the white top up which I love the embroidery and beading on them both! I tried them both on and fell in love and mum luckily only liked 1 of her items, so she got me both, tehe. The blue dress I thought was a bit posh, but it was perfect for cocktails for my friends birthday. 
Mum also picked out this grey midi dress for me, which she really liked and thought it would hide my minging thighs perfectly, cheers mum. But I'm very grateful, at first I was a bit weary showing just half my calf (poet) but I love it! I've been dressing it up with flatforms and a gold chain.
I'm not actually sure how much these all where but thanks momma!
Primark Jumper- £3 (was £12)
Tori already has this jumper and I was totally jealous when she bought it, so when I saw it hanging on the Primark sale rail in my size, it was fate. I love the embroidery on it and I can't wait for the weather to get cooler so I can wear it, I would definitely melt if I wore it in this heat. 
 L'oreal Skin Perfection Purifying Micellar Solution- £2.49
I got this from Body Care after seeing Essie Button post about getting this. I thought I might try it as my current cleanser was running out, so far I'm not sure if I like this product; I may do a full review after I've used it a lot more because I'm still not certain about it. 
 Dorothy Perkins- £2 (was about £6.50 I think)
Dorothy Perkins- £2 (was £6.50)
Me, Tori and Charlotte McQ popped into DPs to see if they had any sensible work shoes for me, however we made it to the jewellery sale rail instead. I fell in love with both of these necklaces! The wishbone necklace came on cardboard with a dog printed on it, and it's my new favourite thing, I've worn it nearly everyday since buying it. I haven't actually worn the gold necklace yet, but it's going to look great when it's a bit cooler for me to wear with my shirts! 
Kurt Geiger in Debenhams- Bank of Mum- £25 (was £85)
Oh god, here they are! 
I got these not long ago for my birthday night out. Looking through Debenhams shoe collection and these were the only pair I could find that I liked. They're a size 8 and a tiny bit big on me so it took me a while to decide if I actually wanted them. I thankfully persuaded myself to get them and just got big memory foam insoles to make them fit perfectly, hooray for big feet! I actually didn't know these were Kurt Geigers until I actually bought them, mum bought them and for £25 I was bouncing for the rest of the day!

I have a couple more items that I need to photograph and it's kind of august now so I will do another post at the end of this month and show you more of my new buys without spamming you with them all at once.

Have you got any good bargains recently?


  1. Aw I love the little UO bits you got, the photo frame is really cute! Hope you had a good birthday sweetie. xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

    1. Thanks! Yeh my birthday was really good, thanks! I got way too drunk :')

  2. such a gorgeous jewelry box x

  3. So many lovely things! I can't wait to see your room post, I absolutely love Ikea. The navy dress from Matalan reminds me of an old French Connection dress, I think it was the bex dress maybe :) xx

    1. Hopefully doing it next couple weeks! We've been back and forth from Leeds so need to get the pictures sorted! I love ikea too, I spent way over my budget :') xx

  4. I love the white Matalan top, you can always find some really lovely bits in there and the homewares always really lovely too :)

    Lovely blog, would love you to follow mine back.

    Frankie xXx