Thursday, 1 August 2013

MONTH OF THE LEO // Charlotte's Birthday Wishlist

It's the month of the Leo! Finally summer has hit kinda and its time to celebrate both mine and Tori's birthdays, wooo!
So we thought we'd both do a birthday wishlist and show a couple of bits we are really loving at the moment.


1. I love this Copious Cats Tee by These Folk, to be honest, I love the majority of their products especially this tee though, who wouldn't love a top covered with different types of cat?
2. Ever since me and Tori went for our Benefit makeover in debenhams (check out the post here), I've wanted to try some more of Benefit's products. Out of all the range, the majority of what I wanted to try is in this box, and for £26.50 I think thats such a good price even though they are all little samples of each products.
3. Valentina by Valentino is one of my favourite fragrances. The whole time I was working for The Fragrance Shop I didn't really realise how much I loved it, until I got a tester at a student lock in when I went to uni and since then i'm in love with it. It's just a bit too pricey
4. Despicable Me Minons are ADORBALE, me, Tori and Charlotte are all obsessed with them, and this phone case is just amazing. I also love these two cases 1 & 2, because well, cats!
5. A Daniel Wellington Classic York watch, this is a very ambitious wish but i'm in desperate need for a cute, brown strap, vintage style watch especially for when i'm at work!
6. I fell in love with these Chunky Buckle Sandals when Abby from Beauty and a Blogger posted them on instagram. I was going to buy these to wear with my birthday dress (from Tori, cutie) for my night out on Saturday but I went to buy them too late and they won't come in time :'( boo hoo! Even if I don't get these pair, I'm in MAJOR need of some new flat forms, my River Island ones have fallen apart so I need to get my hands on a new pair but I just can't find any that I think, bam you're mine!
7. Well because we've moved out of town and it's like a 25/30 min walk to uni/town now, I've asked Momma bear for a ladies bicycle so I can bike around Leeds like a lady... well, this is what i'm imagining anyway! I really hope that I actually will use it because it'll save me money and get me fitter, i'm just scared some nasty person will steal it :(
8. I'm still unsure if these Jelly shoes should be on my wishlist. I do really want a pair and so happy they are back in, but I don't know what colour I would get. I think either the colour on my wish list or a black pair as they will go with more outfits that I have, I also prefer the Jelly shoes without a heel.

Do you like anything on my wish list? Are you a fellow Leo too?


  1. I want all of those things! especially that bicycle- looks so fancy! it's given me lots of inspiration for my birthday wish list- thank you! haha. xx

  2. I want that phone case! Love it! You have a lovely blog by the way :)
    Please stop by: A Day In The Life Of Mel: