Tuesday, 27 August 2013

eBay want list #1

We have some quick good news; we have both been chosen to be official Shopcade Brand Ambassadors for 2013/14 which is really exciting and we can't wait to start getting involved with the up and coming shopping app! If you haven't already check out our Shopcade post for more information about it.

I was looking through polyvore and this set by Milica Starinac really caught my eye. I just love it. The black, white and red together is just fab! However I really didn't like the price tag of the majority of product so I thought I'd do my own personal eBay spin on it.

Everyday Glamour.

First of all the Zara Sandwich bag has been a massive sell out. I actually just checked the Zara website they were selling them for £19.99 and it went down to £7.99- however it's now sold out, absolutely gutted.  So here's the next best thing! I think this bag could look dressed up as a clutch bag or as a side bag for a day look, I just love it. 

I really like this little invention, for £2.99 you get a cute little envelope purse and a phone case, all in one. I think this would be great for a night out, so everything you need is altogether, because there is nothing worse than losing something on a night out! I also think its great if you're just popping to the shop and you don't want to haul your bag along with you, it also has a handy wrist strap too. There is a range of different styles of these purses on eBay but this is my favourite. 

After my last couple of posts I've been moaning about how my River Island flatforms have just fallen apart, and are deemed to be now unwearable *sobs* and at the moment I just can't seem to find anywhere that sells flatforms anymore. I'm sure if that's because they're not 'in' anymore or if I'm just not looking hard enough. I really like these flatforms, they're just what I want, not too high, black and simple shoes! Perrrrf. I think if I was to buy these I would get the suede pair instead, even though the pvu look is more practical, I prefer the look of the suede ones!  

A little hiccup in my eBay wish list, I'm not a big fan/I've never done it personally; buying make up on eBay! Quite a good topic to discuss, if anyone has any advice/tips/experiences do let me know! I don't know if I'd dare, incase it was used (more than a couple of times) or if it was fake. There is probably a load of decent make up sellers on eBay but I've never really looked for them, so I just decided to pick the MAC lipstick in Odyssey because I thought this purpley shade would add a great grungy feel to the outfit. 

I really like this spotty denim skirt and paired with this Céline Paris dupe top it would look fab as a cute day outfit or with the flatforms a lovely casual evening outfit. Both of these items have been on my wishlist for ages now and I really need to purchase them. Especially the Céline top because I think that it will be very easy to wear with everything in my wardrobe as I LOVE my white tee's!

What do you think to my cheaper alternative?


  1. I love those shoes, Primark actually have some kind of cute flatforms in for really cheap right now! I bought a pair that look quite granny-ish but I'm planning on studding them to make them a bit more me. The Polyvore set is gorgeous but a bit beyond my bank account :(

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. Oooh, I will have to check out Primark soon then, I like your idea to stud them up :)
      And the polyvore set is so nice isn't it! xx

  2. great selection! followed you on gfc, follow me back? :)