Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A Little Piercing

I finally found the time and money to hop on the nose piercing bandwagon, horray!
I love it, from the minute I saw it I was so pleased I did it - it didn't look different, it looked like i'd always had it pierced, which is kind of surreal but also great news for me as I didn't think it would suit me.
It was a lovely sunny Thursday when me and Lauren popped to the Corn Exchange to get it done. I also purchased these shades from Blue Rinse the same day, Lauren then purchased them about an hour later - great buy. 

I was umm'ing and ahh'ing about getting this done for a while as I knew none of my family would approve - not as much as they disapproved my tongue bar anyway!!  My mother actually liked it as it's tiny and can barely see it however I received a disappointing reply from my dad and the rest of my family just didn't bring it up. I decided to get it pierced as even though they may dislike the idea that I have a 'hole in my face', it's not their body and besides I barely see them when i'm living away at uni anyway.

I can't wait till I can change it, I want to buy a cute etsy stud or just a plain ring, maybe even both. The only bad thing is that I keep fiddling with it which sometime looks like i'm picking my nose (opppps)


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