Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Spring/Summer Backpack: Want List #3

The Backpack


I have fallen in love with so many backpack recently, I only actually own one - this need to change. Backpack are so easy to wear, stuff everything in them and just throw them over your shoulder and thats that, perfect on a spring/summers day (whenever the sun arrives) to pack your camera and picnic in for a bike ride. I say it's that easy but I always get paranoid when wearing one, incase someone pickpockets without me realising.
There is a small pale pink frilled backpack I fell in love with in Topshop the other day, which sadly isn't on this post as it isn't actually on the website. Other backpacks I really like at the moment are, The New Look Backpack in Want List #1Pull & Bear Patchwork Tan Back Pack and Bowery Mini Backpack from Gypsy Warrior (which I just forgot to put on this mood board, opppsie)

On either side of the mood board are two beautiful backpacks from Free People, who sell luxury and fabulous gypsy/boho hippy chic style clothes and accessories. I love both of these backpacks, I really wish I had the money to buy the leather one, however at £398.00 - I'll probably give it a miss. 
I put the Hershel bag on the mood board for a bit of a joke. David actually has the bigger version of this style and when we saw it in Urban Outfitters yesterday we hilariously both stood next to each other with them on, twinnies! 
I don't think I can pick a favourite out of all of these bags because they are all so different, however when loan day comes along (only a couple more weeks away now). I definitely think that the Pale Pink backpack will make an appearance in my Topshop basket or at least one of these.

Which one is your favourite?


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