Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day out in Lincoln, my shopping haul and OOTD

Hey Lovelies!

Since moving to Leeds for University I haven't really spent much time with my mum, so last week in the Easter holidays when I was at home, we had a lovely and well needed trip to Lincoln as it's only an hour away from my home town to do some retail therapy.

I love Lincoln, the architecture is just wonderful and luckily it was a beautiful day to walk up the 'Steep Hill', we raided Primark, had some wonderful pub grub lunch in Varsity, walked up to the Cathedral and had a look round and then caught the train back home.

This is the outfit that I wore for our day out. My favourite pleated leather look skirt and my charity shop jumper to make sure that I was still fairly warm when walking about Lincoln, as we all know the weather is a bit temperamental at the moment! I also wore my Topshop Hiking Boots as they are great when walking around for hours on end.
I must warn you, this is a heavily photograph based post!
 My hair looks so flat here :(
Jumper; Charity Shop
Necklace; eBay

There is so many cute boutique shops in Lincoln, I think we literally went in every one of them
Momma showing the size of the hill
There she is, Momma Bear
We came to the conclusion that the towers are wonky
Cute houses and cottages which surround the Cathedral

We did a bit of bargain hunting too, raided primark and got a couple of other bargains too!
I love the peter pan on this top! £6
This is such an adorable dress, it even has pockets! This dress will look fab in the summer too
Denim Skater skirt £10
I got some 3/4 joggers for chilling out in the flat in for £5
Adorable Jimmie set for £8
I got these fab glittery leggings from Miss Selfridge (in the sale from £24 down to £7 and I got them for £6.30 with student discount, wooo) At the time I was wearing these and trying to get a good photograph was very difficult. Also the whole time I was wearing them I just felt like a Mermaid. It. Was. Great!
 I got this adorable A5 notebook for £1.75 down from £3.50 in the Paperchase sale.
Paperchase was the first shop that we went in and it's one of my favourite shops because I'm a massive stationary nerd. There was originally 3 of these books, but for some reason I decided to get it on the way back to the train station and I was planning on getting couple, possibly all 3 to make cute photo albums. But by the time I went to buy it there was only 1 left, luckily. I love the pattern on the front of the book and I love the fact the pages are brown, if they weren't I probably wouldn't have bought it!
I bought my cousin these cute Worry Dolls £1.50 which go under her pillow and take your worries away!

My mum also made me get a pair of black skinnies for £11 as I she knows I have such a hate for jeans/trousers and just live in skirts and leggings. I have not worn them yet, but I am determined to get some wear out them and get out of my bad habit. But leggings are just too comfy right?

I also have some great news about our giveaway, the Baking Mad Cook Book is finally on the way to us so our first ever giveaway should be open by the end of the week! Yay!

Have you been to Lincoln before? What you think of my haul?

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  1. Gorgeous pictures love the little worry dolls, where did you get them from?



    1. Thankyou, I got them from a little shop on the Steep Hill in Lincoln! xx

    2. Okay thanks! Will look for alternatives will make lovely little gifts :)


    3. You can probably get them on like eBay, or a cute boutique shop! xx

  2. This looks so lovely! I would love to travel here): Great finds though!!


  3. The jumper is the cutest! Such a great charity shop find. Lincoln looks lovely - i can't believe how blue the sky is! It was so kind for the sun to put it's hat on for your day out ;) Those joggers must be sooo snuggly, i've been looking for some similar lazy trousers so i reckon a trip to primark is in order haha!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments :) The denim shirt you asked about was from a charity shop, originally St. Michaels/Marks and Spencer, i think.
    -Kate xo

    1. Thank you, it was a £1 bargain, such a great find!
      The joggers are fab, they are so comfy they also have them in Burgundy which I didn't see until I was in Manchester, boo!
      And oooh thanks, it's gorgeous.

  4. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  5. Looks like you had great fun! Love the polka dot primark dress, soooooo cute ;D

    Kylie x

  6. I love the jumper in your OOTD!
    I've never been to Lincoln but it looks lovely, can't beat gorgeous little boutiques :)
    Great buys, too - dresses with pockets make me so happy and those leggings are gorgeous!!

    Jesss xo

    1. It makes everything better when the garment has pockets!
      Definitely try and visit Lincoln!