Monday, 8 April 2013

OOTD and Deaf Havana gig

Hola guys!

On a very sunny Saturday, Me and David had a day trip to Manchester to do a bit of retail window shopping and to go see one of our favourite bands, Deaf Havana.
On Valentines day last year, I had no idea who these guys were and David was planning to take me to one of their gigs however, when I searched them in youtube and clicked on an old song of theirs, which was really heavy and not my cup of tea, a sigh of relief as he bought me Nero tickets instead, hehe. But since their first EPs they've changed and are not as heavy/screamery, well just more bearable for me anyway probably because I've fallen in love with them. We saw them at Leeds Festival 2012 and again on Saturday for a more intimate acoustic unplugged gig which was amazing!
You should definitely give them a listen as they are such great musicians, experimenting with different instruments (the singer, James did anyway in the acoustic set, so I expect more of that on their new album which is coming out September time) and their lyrics just brilliant.
Make sure you check out their Myspace, or their Facebook Page and they have most their music on spotify for you to listen too! 

This is what me and David both wore for our day out!
Dress; Primark
Belt; Primark
Shoes; Topshop
Necklace; eBay

Jacket; River Island
Trousers; Ladies Primark Skinnies (tehe)
Shoes; Vans

Deaf Havana's support act were 'Big Sixes' and this was the first both of us had heard of them and they were actually insanely good. Definitely expect big things from them, their vocals were just brilliant and their overall sound is just so different and very catchy. Check out their music here, you'll understand what I mean. 

Deaf Havana were just as good if not better! Their stage setup was so cute, candles around their set with very minimal lighting and 3 lamps. It made the whole gig feel so much more intimate, more like a show than a gig.
It was such a brilliant and happy gig, everyone just sat in silence and enjoyed and embraced the sound of brilliant music. Even though I booked our tickets at 9am on the release date of tickets, we were sat right at the back at the top in the Royal Northern College of Music, but we still had a pretty good view!

Do you like Deaf Havana's music? or the Big Sixies?

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  1. Love your dress!!


  2. I love your dress!
    hope you had a good time at the gig!

    1. Thank you, and the gig was fab thank you! :) x