Friday, 15 November 2013

Shopcade List #1

You may or may not be aware from previous blog posts that I am a Shopcade Curator. This means that I have to send 2 lists each week to the Shopcade team with relevant themes or trends up and coming and all the best deals I can find!

Shopcade is an amazing app, I have fallen truly in love with it. You can shop all your favourite brands in one place, create different lists (kind of like pinterest) and then shopcade will even let you know when a product you have 'wanted' has a deal on! Thats not all you can do, you can follow brands, your favourite Shopcaders, lists and even make your own shopcade page personal. Shopcade also have a points system, each time you 'want' a product you get a couple of points, each day you log in, if someone else 'wants' a product you have wanted, if someone follows you and if you invite someone to join. With all these points it boosts your trend score, which allows you to use your points to redeem free gifts and offers on selected items/brands. 
A genius idea.

I thought I should probably start sharing my lists with you each week, and see what you think! This week is Pastel Blue, I know we're not even in winter yet but this colour is going to be massive next year and here is a couple of items that I have selected.

Dont forget to JOIN UP! You will be addicted in no time! JOIN SHOPCADE HERE and if you already are joined up, make sure you follow me!


  1. I've had a look at Shopcade and really like it but it made me want to spend lots of money! It is addictive! x

    1. It is really addictive, I think its a good way to get rid of your shopping needs though, instead of buying it... bang it in a list! :) x