Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Vintage Buys and Tips

Primark? Nope, it's all about the £15 per Kilo Vintage Fairs. Freshers week is full of vintage fairs all around the country - I think, well they are in Leeds. You can buy a nice shirt in Primark for about £12 whereas at a vintage fair you can get about 5 for £15. The best thing about it is that no one else will have that exact shirt!

I am a huge shirt and jumper kind of girl. The majority of my walk-in-wardrobe (sorry but I haven't bragged about my wardrobe yet, saying that I still need to give you a tour around my new room!) is shirts and jumpers, and what better way to stock up for winter than a couple more shirts and jumpers to add to my collection?

I've been to about 4 vintage fairs since September and have bought some great items for great prices. I think that since vintage has become so popular recently that some fairs just charge way too much for items because they know that people will pay for it. However as a poor student, I like love to get the most out of my money. That's why I much prefer the £15 a kilo fairs and I have a couple of tips that I have learnt since going to a fair few.

Check for damages
What's worse than falling in love with something and putting it on at home and there is a ridiculous stain or hole in the most inconvenient place. I would definitely suggest checking the item before you buy it because it is second hand so it could be in any state and you could be wasting valuable kilo space! Also, don't not buy an item if you spot buttons missing because they can easily be replaced by either another button or a safety pin will do the trick
Heavy items = More money
This is very obvious. But it does, if you have a heavy jumper than can easily mean you already gone over at least half your kilo. This leads me onto my next tip...
Check for separate prices
At a fair I was at the other week, bags were £5 each and I was including it with my kilo and when I was getting rid of items to try make my bag lighter, the woman then told me that bags were a separate price if that worked out cheaper for me. It worked out £10 cheaper, so watch out for separate prices, even ask the helpers because they don't always have time to put out the signs.
Does it fit?
Always try wear something versatile to the events so you can easily try on the garments without flashing yourself or getting naked - that's just not ideal. If you've been to the venue before, can you remember any dressing rooms? If not then don't be afraid to make your own dressing room in the middle of the venue (maybe somewhere more ideal and out the way...). As well as it fitting, you need to make sure if the garment looks fab on you or not!

I think I spent £35 for all of these items!
This bag is amazing. I used this on a staff night out, I was very drunk and I just kept finding more and more sections to my bag. Altogether there is 6 compartments and for a small bag, it holds a hell of a lot! Plus its real leather - for a fiver, it was such a bargain.
I think everyone apart from me hates the look of this jumper, when I put it on apparently it's 'not as bad' but I really love it. It's so cute and I feel like a big kid in it, its so cosy too.
This shirt is beautiful, the flowers are actually a netted material and are see-through which makes the shirt so unique yet very itchy.

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