Friday, 28 February 2014

A little update

I'm currently in the library and I've just gotten so bored at looking at share prices that I needed to blog a bit to de-stress myself. We have a presentation in a month about 2 companies that we are reviewing the shares and news of, I know nothing on reading up about share prices, so if you know of any good advice/hep sites then please comment!

Anyway, here's a little update of my life:
I have finally got a placement sorted! HOORAAY. I start 2nd June as a Trainee Accountant, I'm so scared yet so excited. Luckily I managed to get the placement in Leeds so we have also just signed for a new house for July with the girls. Me and David are also planning on booking flights for Spain in the next week or so as we're going to Bilbao BBK Festival in July and then travelling around Spain after.
1. My bargain Vans £20.80 from O'neil / 2. We made homemade facemasks

3. I made a microwave cake in a mug / 4. A cute sciencey drawing which I loved

5. Valentines Day was wonderful, nothing silly, we had a lovely day and ate Pancakes! He is a charmer, eh! / 6. Hayls Valentines gift also finally bloomed and they're beautiful


7.  I bought a kingsize duvet set from the Charity shop yesterday and I plan to make a dress and possibly a skirt out of it soon! How cute is the pattern! / 8. Me and Sonia dramatically gave blood, we both nearly fainted however it was totally worth it! I really think this is something everyone should do, or at least try, I almost couldn't due to iron levels, it's not scary at all, I promise!

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