Monday, 3 March 2014

Cool Things #4

My 2014 goal has been broken, I haven't done this post each week - sorry! But I've had a busy couple of weeks. If you've not seen my previous post, I've managed to get myself a placement, signed a house for next year and worked a hell of a lot. Uni work is also piling up too, second year is getting harder, ahhhh. Hayls and I have also been brainstorming ideas for our plan to open a vintage re-working business - 'Sun & Moon'. Still early days but it's very promising. 

This is creativity at its finest. I love this video by Pomplamoose, using just one projector, and a various selection of backgrounds and objects they have created a 3D video.

These little fellas are Orchid Flowers, they all look like something else!
From top to bottom, left to right we have: Dracula simia (the monkey orchid), Orchis Italica (the naked man orchid), Habenaria radiata (the white egret orchid) and Caleana major (the flying duck orchid).

Very sciency, but so cool. What will happen when you wring out a cloth in space? I totally didn't expect it to turn out the way it did. Incredible, I love how he is just floating with the microphone! You really don't think about the implications that life would be like without gravity!

I really enjoyed this article in Huffington Post. Meet 'Mayhem', a 4 year old girl who loves to make dresses with her mum out of paper and cello-tape. The whole article is adorable, Angie (her mother) talks about how they sometime look up current trends and copy their dress, or just get creative and create whatever spring into mind. There is sooo many different dresses, apparently it's a 50/50 effort too, Angie wasn't home one day and made one without her! I assume we will be seeing her in the FROW in a couple (maybe more) years time!

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  1. Those orchids are so funny looking! I love the article on Mayhem, that's so cute and such a lovely mother daughter relationship xxx