Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Simple & Risky Want List #2

The casual risky outfit

Risky, you say? Yes, I hate jeans and tops that are waist length... I'm a freak, I know. Confidence issues suck, but I love this outfit!
I'm loving River Island recently, I haven't been shopping in a couple weeks and I fell in love with everything in sight. There was so many different patterns, colours, styles, and this top caught my eye, it's so colourful! Paired with some simple black jeans, the ones I have picked are from Topshop, something of which has never been on my legs before. I just hate jeans, how tight they are (I say that, but I wear leggings all the time, which doesn't make sense) and uncomfortable and I don't like how they look on my legs - I'm yet to try how amazing Topshop jeans are. I want these shoes, I actually love ALL the shoes at Urban Outfitters right now, I just hate the price tag. I think they have similar shoes in Primark at the moment (I can hear them calling me) which most definitely won't be £80.
I'm also finally on the Michael Kors watch bandwagon, I want this watch so bad! I'm not a fan of the massive rose gold jewelled style but when David kindly sent me the link to the Amazon deals on Michael Kors watches and I actually saw a couple which I really liked. I can't believe the prices either, most of the watches are 'more affordable' than I thought they were. Dammit now I need to find a spare £140...

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