Sunday, 16 March 2014

Inspiration: Hindu Weddings & Holi Festival

Floral Haath Phool Jewelry over Mehndi ✾ Henna  Hindu Wedding - Union
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Happy Holi!
Today is the day spring festival of colour in the Hindu calendar. Holi is celebrated by throwing, playing and chasing each other with dry powder to resemble love and belonging with lots of dancing, music and singing involved. I would love to be in India right now!! Hopefully in August we are going to the Holi One Festival in Leeds, which is inspired by the Hindu festival.
Ever since I met Sonia at university I have fallen in love with the Indian culture; the festivals, the colours, the jewellery, their family ethics, the dancing, well just everything else. She showed me the video below of an amazing, magical wedding the other day and I can't get over how incredible it would have been to be there. Obviously, the family must be utterly minted, especially to jet their wedding guests off to Vegas! I'm just waiting for Sonia to get married now... She is actually bringing some henna back to Leeds with her, so if you follow me on Instagram, I will put some pictures up but in the mean time you must watch the whole video!!

Flowergirl at a Hindu wedding. Photo by Simply magnificent Indian-themed wedding cake inspired by the intricate workings on a Hindi wedding veil, the minute and painstaking detail on this is mindblowing! Created by the extremely talented Erin Salerno, cake designer/sugar artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin....
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somebody please hire me to shoot you Hindu wedding- this blog has the most gorgeous photos!  check out : bali wedding. this is absolutely stunning
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