Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Want List #1

The New Look Bag

I saw this backpack in New Look yesterday, oh my. Me and Lucy had to leave the shop quickly before we bought it (I'm so poor right now - I just paid a deposit for a house for next year which has skinted me and I've totally over spent this month) Anyway, the bag. It's just beautiful. I really don't think that this picture does it justice, the colour doesn't look the same as it does in the flesh. At a reasonable price of £19.99, I'm trying not to give into temptation but it would fit all my uni books in perfect, right?
I've wanted these treggings from Topshop for ages, I'm a huge fan of patterned leggings and these need to make it in my wardrobe. 
I picked this Ganesha Amulet from Dixi, an on-line boutique for vintage and modern jewellery. I bought a couple of necklaces from their sample sale last month which are beautiful, I'm going to do a blog post soon as my second one arrives (unfortunately it broke in the post) but I can't stop wearing them! I really like this Ganesha Amulet as it comes on a rope cord which would look great as a long necklace or tightened as a choker for a more grungy look. 

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  1. I'm so poor right now and finding it hard to resist temptation too haha. That backpack is pretty gorgeous though, it's not like your average old backpack - it's sleek and stylish! I think you should go for it, after all you do need something to carry those heavy books in haha. xxx