Friday, 31 January 2014

Cool Things #3

I had my first placement phone interview the other day and I have another one at the end of february, how exciting! Things are looking up, however I am getting so fed up with writing out application forms now. We have also been house hunting this week so if I manage to get a placement in Leeds, I have somewhere to live...

I love photography, I got an A* at GCSE and A at A Level, in the back of my mind I kinda wish I went into it instead of accounting. This incredible work is by Nicolas Bruno, who is actually the same age as me - bit depressing. He uses his sleep paralysis dreams for his inspiration and creates fantastic surreal photographs. I'm definitely going to try and get some more film photography done in Feb, might even use my dreams as inspiration... I think they might be a bit too crazy to photography though. I actually dreamt of kittens the other night and actually squealed out loud, I terrified David and I was woken up by him shaking me, hil-arrrrr-ious.

Bit strange? Yes, but totally cool. Pregnancy/birth is such a magical experience and this is such a rare occasion, I think its incredible that the baby didn't even know it had been born! Amazing. Definitely reading the source!

Tehe, these dolphins are so clever! I actually saw this as a gif first, they just look like they are having so much fun!

Oh god, this is hilarious. Have you seen any performances from the Grammys yet? Well I watched Taylor's performance before I saw this version and I was like she wasn't attacked!?! Then I watched the video hahahah, it really does look like is she is having some sort of stroke or something. Beyonce and Jay-Z's performance was so raunchy too.


  1. The photo with the baby is amazing.

  2. Nicolas Bruno's portfolio is stunning, I really love the piano photo. I think photography is something so many people do nowadays that it must be hard to earn enough money to live on it unless you make it really big. I know quite a few photographers myself! I love taking photos, it's a lovely hobby. Quite a difference between photography and accounting though!! Good luck with your second phone interview :) I hope it works out for you! The baby born in the amniotic sac is amazing! xxx