Saturday, 4 January 2014

Cool things #1

Merry New Year! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. Mine has been hectic, travelling to and from Leeds, home and Sheffield. I spent Christmas with my dad in Sheffield, which was lovely, although I had to go back to Leeds for work on Boxing day. Which to be honest wasn't such a bad shift 9.30pm - 5.30am, I got £15 in tips (yess), I took top take of the night and won a flatpack aeroplane which I conveniently left in Leeds. I had 2 glasses of Baileys at 5.30am, which was a perfect way to end the shift.

I've been thinking of some 2014 goals which I will share with you once I have thought of a reasonable amount! One of them is to do a weekly post of pictures/things/quotes or whatever that have made me think 'wow, thats pretty dam cool'. David and I raided reddit last night (which is why the sources aren't great) but here's the outcome.

An artists work, using a projector, glass and a wall! So beautifully clever. 

This is hilarious. I love everything about this, Jay-z face and Beyonce's reaction!

This is from a blogger I found, Annika who writes The Pineneedle Collective which is a Fashion, DIY and Science blog. Which I think is super cool. I actually tweeted her saying how much I enjoyed her blog and that me and David were going to try and make some DNA ourselves! She replied with 'If you manage to *MAKE* DNA you could probably get a Nobel prize - you can extract it, though ;)' ...  I felt so silly! However I am going to attempt to extract some!

Just oh my!

This is a tomato which has grown in a metal fence feature. I just think this incredible how its grown!

'SkyCycle' this is just a proposal, I'm assuming, but I think this is a really cool idea. Following the train routes around London with an above cycle track. This would lower the carbon footprint of the UK by not using cars, trains and tubes getting in, out and around London. How futuristic does it look! However I honestly don't think this would happen, it would cost a hell of a lot and would 12,000 people per hour actually use it?

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