Saturday, 25 January 2014

Road trip to Manchester

It's taken me like 2 weeks to finally finish this post, I've just not wanted to finish it and I don't know why... I submitted my essay the other week and I thought I'd finally see what all the fuss is about with Breaking Bad, and so far I am loving it, I will rport back once I've watexperience or tre. I'v lost my Ted Baker purse SOMEHOW in the house. If you don't follow me on Twitter, then you won't know, but I'm going out my mind. I think I've actually accidentally binned it and I'm so angry with myself. 
Lucy and I pretending to be Disney Princess' in ASDA

I should probably tell you why we went to Manchester, well Lucy got 4 tickets to go and see The Jeremy Kyle Show, so we decided to make it a full trip! The drive to Manchester from our home is just over a 2 hours journey, but instead we thought we'd make it an extra hour longer and take a detour to the Peak District. A lovely pit stop to see the views, rocks and to have walk around. The Peak District is beautiful and is located in northern Derbyshire, it's full of hills, wildlife and the views are breathtaking. I'm so jealous of Lucy and her boyfriend who are going in the next month or so for a couple days, definitely want to go again, and this time bring my camera!

Lucy managed to find a great deal for an apartment in Manchester city centre, at Blue Rainbow Apartments for the night. In a two bedroom apartment with kitchen and living room, altogether it cost us about £50 for the night. Perfect location right near Deansgate Lock which is a 10 minute walk to the town centre. The only down side is they never told us that on arrival you had to place a £100 deposit for the room incase you drank any of the alcohol they conveniently left in the fridge. Luckily for us the card machine wasn't working so we didn't have to pay the deposit, which meant more spending money ehehehe.
How cute are the roses they left around the apartment

We got to Manchester about 3pm, checked in, dropped off our bags and got our bearings around the city. I  tasted my first ever Taco Bell, wandered around Manchester and the Arndale for a couple of hours and then spent the rest of the night in the flat. Ordered a chinese later on and watched We're the Millers! Which was such a good film, very heartwarming and hilarious, definitely buying it for my DVD collection.
We woke up nice and early on the Thursday, after an amazing nights sleep, to do some retail therapy before we saw Jeremy. We went a little mad, David bought a telescope, I got a cute pale green phone bumper from HMV, 59p reduced from £14.99 (crazy savings, I know) and I finally bought a pink boyfriend coat from Miss Selfridge - it is gorgeous, my OOTD is here!
We then got some pub grub and rushed back to the hotel to grab the car and drive to Mediacityuk. We literally had no time to have a look around, we were told to get there for 14:15 and arrived bang on time so we had a couple of minutes to relax until we were called in. We didn't even get chance to get a picture with the daleks *sobs*.
When we were called in, we waited in the reception for an hour, so boring, then the team explained what was going to happen and ran through some likely reactions - lots of BOOOOOO, awwwwh and cheering! Obviously the better we were the more exciting the show is.
We then went through to the studio, walked behind the back of the scenes (where you see everyone storming off), the four of us were placed smack bang in the middle, third row up, which is where they place the family members, so we were switched about in each story. Unfortunately we were totally forbidden to take any pictures of the studio, it basically looks exactly the same as it does on the telly, however it seems so much more smaller in 3D!
The floor manager was absolutely hilarious, telling us everything that was going to happen with his cheeky jokes. We had a test run, while we were waiting for Jeremy to finish getting ready with some of the audience members.
We had three stories, all went really quick, we were in there for about 2 hours! They literally were one after another, and when Jeremy introduced the break it was silent for about a minute and then the show started again, so bizarre.
The stories where actually really tame, I won't go into detail but it should be shown on the telly in about 4 weeks! I'll give you a heads up when its going to be on! I definitely recommend you get applying for some tickets to see the show, I can just describe it as hilarious and an experience - hopefully you'll have more crazy story lines. If you cant get tickets (took us a couple months) you can always go to media city when they are recording and queue as they let a couple people in to fill up the spare no show priroty seats.


  1. I love the Peak District! Such a beautiful place.
    Your apartment looks gorgeous, too - what a bargain!!

    Jess xo

  2. I have always wanted to go and see Jeremy Kyle being filmed!! I'm putting my name on that list right now haha it sounds like an experience :) I love Manchester, my boyfriend and I have spent a few weekends away there enjoying gigs and shopping and exploring. My boyfriend worked in the Lake District for a while and it was absolutely beautiful, we still visit when we can because it's the loveliest place to wander. I've never been to the Peak District though, and it sounds like it's not too far from where we're moving to (Leicestershire) at the end of the month. I'm putting it on my to visit list! xxx