Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Real Techniques from iHerb.com

I introduce to you, iHerb. I would like to thank Lily Melrose for introducing me to the site, unfortunately I can not find her post to show you! I had been meaning to get my hands on some Real Techniques for months now, and just hadn't got round to ordering them. iHerb is an American website which sells nutritional supplements and lots of other healthy products.
Hayley and I chipped in together for the shipping as we both treat ourselves to some new brushes. I ordered the Core Collection set and the Stippling Brush, whereas Hayley ordered the Blush Brush and the Setting Brush. This came to a total of $39.96 including $4.00 shipping costs.
A friend told us to be weary of shipping from America as they do spot checks on parcels which charges about £30 a pop, an inconvenience but a price me and Hayley were prepared to pay if it got checked. Mainly because we were getting the brushes so cheap anyway!

$39.96 works out about £24.33, and for 7 Real Techniques brushes, that is just crazy cheap.
The shipping was only £2.44 and between the two of us it was pittance. We ordered end of November and received our parcel on 19th December, so it took about 20 days for our order to arrive. You can pay more, I think its $8.00 to get it delivered to you earlier, but we saw no point.
We'd rather wait 20 days and pay £24.33 for the brushes rather than walking in to Boots, freely and paying £52.96 for the same thing!
The brushes are just the same quality and fortunately they didn't arrive damaged, which is always a risk. iHerb also emailed me a couple days before arrival asking if our parcel had arrived yet and if not to let them to know when and if there is any problems. Which reassured me that they were there to help if there was a delivery problem.

I actually haven't looked properly on the site for anything else other than the Real Techniques, however I do plan to see what their skincare and makeup section is like, see if I can any more bargains!

Have you ever used iHerb before?

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