Sunday, 5 January 2014

2014 goals

I hate the term 'resolutions', it's almost like we make them to break them. I've come up with a couple of things that I would love to have achieved by the end of the year. Kind of like Becky Bedbug's 101 in 1001, however I don't think I could possibly think of 1001 things!

Blogging Goals:
1. A blog post a week with my 'cool things' feature
2. Blog more about baking
3. Go to a blogger event
4. Meet a blogger in "real life"
5. Read everyone's beautiful blogs more often
6. Write more reviews on products
7. Be more consistent at writing posts

Career Goals:
8. Focus more on university work - well I am paying 9k for it.
9. Pass second year - would be most ideal
10. Get a placement - ideally in Leeds, ideally with a good company. However I am NOT being picky, i'm just applying everywhere and anywhere. (If you have any/know of any Accounting internships, hit me up - I'm the best)
11. Be more confident in myself, I always doubt if i'm right or not, and I think especially with my work this is a big weakness of mine
12. Move in a nice flat or somewhere nice for my placement
13. Get supervisory role at O2

Personal Goals:
14. Lose my uni weight - you either can't afford to eat or you eat too much crap...
15. Watch a shit load of Disney films
16. Go to see Charl, Tori and Alice in Spain at least once every 2 months... Hopefully if I can afford it, they are all leaving me for a semester in the sun, boo!
17. Go on holiday with David for the first time
18. Find the perfect skin care routine for me
19. Read the book David got me for Christmas 2012
20. Watch everything on my TV series list
21. See the fireworks on New Year in London
22. Explore Leeds more - I've lived here over a year now, why haven't I yet?
24. Go for a bike ride in Leeds
25. Go to an outdoor cinema
26. Visit friend's from uni in their home town
27. See BeyoncĂ© live again - without paying more than £100 for a ticket
28. Be more like Beyoncé!!?

Creative Goals:
29. Have a creative night at least once every 2 weeks with Hayley
30. Make a smock dress with the help of Annika Victoria's blog DIY DIY 
31. Make some clothes with the patterns I bought
32. Make a scrapbook of first and second year of uni
33. Get a new lens
34. Shoot more in film! I love film photography
35. Photograph my soon to be step-sister's wedding
36. Keep a 'Good things jar 2014'
37. Learn Spanish
38. Learn how to knit
39. Knit something substantial
40. Use pinterest more

Here's to a good year!

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  1. Good luck with all your goals and all the very best for 2014! :)