Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Cool things #2

Okay, I already broke one of my resolutions, however I have had an essay due today so I've been busy doing that for a couple of days. But now its all over till the start of semester 2 in february!
Anyway, as promised, things i've found pretty cool this week

Pentatonix is a 5 man acapella group, who are just incredible. If you have no idea what acapella is, then just wow, it is when music is made without instruments and it's just amazing what these guys can do with just their mouths and voice boxes! 

I think my heart actually melted when I saw this picture. IT'S SO FREAKING ADORABLE!

David actually sent me this video and after I watched it, I said 'I hope I can dance like that at that age'. He then laughed at me a lot and said they aren't "elderly" ....... Easy mistake, right? Either way their dancing is awesome!

I've taken up knitting and thought that this idea was so cute. Look at the little penguins ehehhehehe. I would love to knit a jumper for a penguin however I don't I'll be at that skill level anytime soon. To be honest, the first comment on this article is actually kind of true at the fact the wool might not help them at all and could make matter worse...

Annika is my new favourite blogger! I really enjoy everything she writes about, her fashion sense is awesome and I love this DIY of a Circle Dress she made from second hand bedsheets! My plan is to follow the tutorial and hopefully make it as perfect as hers when I get back to uni.

Me and David have booked our tickets for Bilbao BBK Live 2014 in July which is so exciting, the plan is to travel around Spain after so we were looking for cultural festivals and events that we could attend while are there. This is what we found, crazy Spaniards. This is a picture from their Human Tower Competition Tradition they hold every 2 years, these pictures of the event are incredible, check out the source to see them in more detail!

Of course another Beyonce related video. With the release of her surprise Visual Album - which is so fucking amazing - she has release a part 5 documentary of behind the scenes making the album and the videos. I've watched each part a couple times now and I'm just so much more in love with her. Definitely worth watching all parts, as they all reveal details of the song meanings and how she wrote/sung them. She is just so cool.


  1. I love this post! I've come across Pentatonix before and they're very awesome! The rabbit with the backpack and the jumper wearing penguins are too cute for words haha. The human tower is pretty crazy, my boyfriend and I are going to Spain (Barcelona) for our first abroad holiday together in September and need to do some research as to what we can do when we're there. xxx

    1. Ooh that will be exciting, I know they have the Moros y Cristianos festival near Barcelona... I think!