Sunday, 24 March 2013 #1

Hope your all enjoying Easter, we thought that we'd carry on with our Easter theme. Like Charlotte said in Bakingmad #2 post we did some baking together before we was given the Bakingmad set and it's too good not too post cause they all turned out so tasty.

The recipe we picked could have been anything from Cupcakes, Flapjacks or even something Easter related like Easter Bunny Cake Pops. There was just too much choice and we decided to make 3 things; Homemade Shortbread, Chocolate Corflake Cakes and Easter Cupcakes
And they all turned out pretty good!

Round 1: Easter Cupcakes

The finished product of all our cakes is at the bottom of this post :) 

The finished product of all our cakes is at the bottom of this post :) 

We couldn't find a proper Cornflake Cake Recipe on however they do have Chocolate Crispy Cakes which is practically the same, just with different cereal and we've made ours Easter related too!

Well we had TONES of fun making all these treats, had a proper full afternoon of baking and finished the day off eating them while having a Harry Potter marathon! Bliss.

As we've said, we are still waiting on a Bakingmad Cook Book to arrive for us to give away, and as soon as we get it I'm sure we'll get our hands messy, bake some more and tell you more about the giveaway!

Be sure to check out as they have so many amazing easy recipes for you to follow and they have loads of inspirational ideas to make your cooking better and more fun! 

Have you been on before? What's your favourite recipe on the website?
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