Monday, 4 March 2013

OOTD #2 and Vintage Purchase

Okay, I've totally ignored my blog, I know, I'm a bad person. 
My phone's ran out of internet and my wireless at home has broken (that's right I'm at home for the week yay) so my brother hogs the internet.

Anyway, a quick update. I think my diet is going well... I've not weighed myself since yet but I feel better. I must say though, it's so hard when David's sat there stuffing his face with food and I'm drinking my shakes, no wonder I got chubby! Bloomin' comfort eating is the worst.

I thought I might do a little outfit post I really should do more of these but I forget or I'm running too late to take pictures.
I wore this outfit when I was back in Leeds to spoons for a couple of casual drinks with my friends, so I wasn't too bothered about being too dressy (excuse that I look gross, my camera really isn't flattering)

Shirt: Boohoo (similar here)
Belt: Primark 
Necklace: eBay 
Leggings: Tesco and Primark (I'm wearing two pairs, don't want no panties showing!)
Shoes: Topshop via eBay

I also did my hair differently, with half of it up in little bun. Not quite sure how I did this, just twisted it round and then pinned it to my head and tadarr!

Have any of you been watching Mr Selfridge on ITV (Sundays 9pm)?
It's amazing, you need to see it. It's just full of love, affairs and shows what life really was like back in 1908; when women were starting to gain freedom and rights.
I especially love the ladies dresses and their hair styles, I think this is where the idea came from, I'm definitely going to try do something similar tomorrow.
Check out the series here

I also went to this adorable vintage fair in Leeds at the Corn Exchange the other week, they often hold cute vintage days so should check out when they are having their next one. Me and my best friend went for a look round, I was on the hunt for an embellished collar shirt or a cute rucksack or both... Instead a got my new favourite shirt.
I have a massive collection of shirts, I live in them and I just couldn't resist buying this one.
These pictures don't give it justice and I don't have an outfit shot with me wearing the shirt, other than this one of me being overly happy about wearing it before going out. 

Guess who's coming to my home town tomorrow, that's right, only Kate Middleton. I'm skipping uni this week to be home to see her (it's also my mums birthday). So hopefully I will get to at least look at her in the flesh, maybe even meet her? oh my, I'm definitely taking my camera so I will update you tomorrow with what went on! I'm so excited!!


  1. I love this shirt, it's beautiful! I love how you've style it xo.

  2. I LOVE Mr Selfridge!

    Http:// xx

    1. So good isn't it, Such a shame they're only doing 10 episodes :( xx

  3. your hair looks pretty! i love those shoes :)

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    BreezeyBee Blog

    1. Thnak you, the shoes were a great find! :) xx

  4. The print on that Boohoo shirt is beautiful! I love it :)

    Lana, xo