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Hello Lovelies!
First of all, apologies for the mess of the blog, David has been doing some revamping however nothing at the moment is set and staying yet, just trying bit and bobs out, so that should be sorted soon, which is very exciting.

Anyway back to shopping...
Yesterday was the big opening of the Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre, wahooo! 
Both of us sadly missed the opening launch of the shopping centre which was curated by Fashion Designer Henry Holland, and people witnessed the spectacular opening ceremony which revealed the world's longest designer dress which was also designed by Holland.
(Photograph from here)
Unfortunately it was just window shopping for us this time but we Charlotte took snaps to give you a general feel of what the centre looks like and a couple of features and shops we went too. Obviously it was very very busy and there was people broadcasting, photographing, talking about it, everywhere! 
Even though we loved all the new shops and restaurants, we have to say that it is freezing in there as there is no doored entrance and the roof is partly open, so when we went back today we were shopping in the snow! Bring on the summer!
The shopping centre even has these amazing EGG SWIRLY CHAIRS!

Everyone who entered the Apple store got clapped, woo'ed, cheered, high fived and screamed at when walking through the door which was absolutely hilarious, I couldn't help but think how they went home and explained how their first day was consumed with so much enthusiasm and clapping. Charlotte: Also I was pretty amazed at how every product had an iPad next to it to show the details of that product... they've probably had these in their stores for years now but it was all new to me and I thought it was all super cool.
 We lost our sight, overdosed on perfumes and left feeling ugly in Hollister 
^ Hey there Tori!
2 Storey Urban Outfitters? Literally couldn't cope... we had a look around, enquired about Charlotte's broken coat (which they can only offer a refund or credit note and they have no others to exchange it with booo!) but then we had to leave, it was too cruel that we couldn't buy anything.

And finally, what Tori was most excited for... 
The opening of Candy Kittens!
That's right, Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea opened his Candy Kittens pop up store in the centre of Trinity, which will be there for 3 weeks. Jamie did two openings, one in the morning and one in the afternoon and we was there to see the second opening and had the pleasure of meeting him and getting a picture with him (below) he was lovely but he seemed to be doing the 'fake smile' which you can't blame him having to take pictures all day.
 Cheeky Tori waiting in the queue
 Charlotte sporting the 'Pardy' beanie
I loved the layout of the store, the furniture and I enjoyed the colour scheme, the walls had scattered neon stripes down (bang on trend) however it was very simplistic and looked pretty empty but saying that they don't have a big product selection so I don't think that that could have really been helped.
And here we all are, new best pals... we really liked his shoes!
What we found hilarious was a lot of people were walking past asking who he was and why they taking photographs and why and what we were queueing for, a policeman even came up to us and asked why no one was taking any pictures of him instead.

Overall we had a fabby morning checking out the new Trinity Shopping Centre, we can't wait till we have some more pennies and go on a mad shopping spree, it's definitely in order. 

Have you been to Trinity yet? What do you think of the new shopping centre?

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